Jo In-seong, "I was in a cold sweat all night" is in serious condition.
Jo In-seong, "I was in a cold sweat all night" is in serious condition.
Actor Jo In-seong appeared to be in poor condition.

In the tvN entertainment show 'Somehow the Boss 3', which aired on the 21st, Park Byeong-eun, who went on a business trip to LA after Park Kyung-rim left, and Yoon Kyung-ho returned on the fourth day of business.

On this day, Kim Ah-joong took a break with Park Kyung-rim on a bench outside the supermarket as the number of customers decreased. Kim Ah-joong said, “I think it would be better for me to go with my senior tomorrow. Everyone deceived me. “I feel some pressure,” he said. Park Kyung-rim said, “Isn’t that the unique charm of ‘Somehow the President’? Life is fun when you don't know what will happen. “You did much better than you thought,” he comforted.

The director and instructor of a nearby Taekwondo gym visited the supermarket restaurant as guests. Jo In-seong and the director were from the same middle school and the same dojo. When Jo In-seong said he was a 4th-degree Taekwondo master, the instructors stood up and bowed politely at 90 degrees.

Jo In-seong said, “If I had not become an actor, there is a high possibility that I would have lived like a director. “Of course, not everyone does it,” he said. “When I was in high school, the director took great care of me. I'm afraid that things will go awry because my parents are both working and the child is alone. My wife took care of me like a mother. He passed away while I was in the military. “It was strange because a teacher like that was gone,” he recalled.

The director also said, “My teacher is currently in Uzbekistan. My teacher took care of me when I was in middle school. “I almost lost my mind during adolescence, but you caught me,” he sympathized.
Jo In-seong, "I was in a cold sweat all night" is in serious condition.
Jo In-seong, "I was in a cold sweat all night" is in serious condition.
After the supermarket business closed, Park Byeong-eun and Yoon Kyeong-ho arrived from their business trip to LA. The employees ate perilla oil makguksu made by Lim Joo-hwan, chicken gifted by the owner of a nearby chicken restaurant, and side dishes gifted by a customer who runs a Korean supermarket in Texas.

After Park Kyung-rim left, Cha Tae-hyun and Jo In-seong celebrated their fifth day of business with the employees. Last August, Yoon Kyung-ho and Jo In-seong started making sikhye, which they learned from Yeom Jeong-ah. While Jo In-seong, Park Byeong-eun, and Yoon Kyung-ho packed the reserved kimbap, Kim Ah-joong learned kitchen duties from Lim Joo-hwan.

Park Byeong-eun, who was rolling kimbap at the kimbap corner, said to Jo In-seong, “You suddenly broke into a cold sweat while you were sleeping last night. I was surprised that it came out so suddenly. “Did your clothes get wet yesterday?” he worried. Jo In-seong, who had accumulated fatigue even before filming due to multiple work schedules overlapping, expressed regret by saying, “I was constantly sweating.” Lim Ju-hwan replaced Jo In as the crab ramen chef.

Taeyuna, Ten Asia Reporter translated by google