Lee Moo-saeng is crazy about Lee Young-ae
Lee Moo-saeng is crazy about Lee Young-ae
Lee Moo-saeng is bombarding the drama with his fatal charm and pure love.

Lee Moo-saeng plays Yoo Jeong-jae, the chairman of UC Financial and the former lover of Cha Se-eum (Lee Young-ae), in the tvN Saturday-Sunday drama 'Maestra' (written by Choi Lee-yoon and Hong Jeong-hee/directed by Kim Jeong-kwon/planned by Studio Dragon/produced by Raemong Rae-in and Group 8). I am writing a new life character. Above all, Lee Moo-saeng's acting, which captures Yoo Jeong-jae's harsh love method to win Cha Se-eum, adds to the anticipation in each episode.

First of all, Yoo Jeong-jae was not ordinary from the moment he reunited with Cha Se-eum. Seeing that Cha Se-eum was immersed in conducting and unfazed by his ex-lover with whom he had not dated for a long time, he succeeded in attracting attention by pressing the fire alarm bell. In particular, Yoo Jeong-jae, who realized that nothing but music could shake Cha Se-eum, took an unconventional move to become the chairman of the Hangang Phil Orchestra and got one step closer to her.

In addition, he unilaterally canceled the performance that Cha Se-eum had prepared with great care, using the excuse that it was “boring,” and also said, “The most important thing to you is music and this orchestra. He made a rude request, saying, “I plan to cancel all performances until you get divorced.”

Yoo Jeong-jae's true feelings, which seemed to be nothing more than a heated argument, were revealed when the affair of Cha Se-eum's husband, Kim Pil (played by Kim Young-jae), was revealed. The scene where Cha Se-eum, who witnessed Pil Kim sharing a deep kiss with orchestra member Lee Ah-jin (played by Lee Si-won), covered her eyes and told her, “Don’t look,” was a scene that showed Yoo Jeong-jae’s consideration for not wanting her to get hurt.

Yoo Jeong-jae's affection for protecting Cha Se-eum is being discovered everywhere. As if he was the only one who could shake up Cha Se-eum, he attempted to fire Pil Kim, the orchestra's chief composer, and responded mercilessly by finding and punishing the person responsible for spreading the video of Pil Kim and Lee Ah-jin's affair. Here, all of Yoo Jeong-jae's actions as he could not leave the wounded Cha Se-eum's side and stayed close to her and offered unusual comfort were pure love.

The sincerity of the character Yoo Jeong-jae, which cannot be easily understood from the outside, is brought to life through Lee Moo-saeng's extraordinary ability to interpret the character. Lee Moo-saeng excellently captures the three-dimensional side of Yoo Jeong-jae, who has a light, indulgent tone of voice and does not seem serious about anything, but who craves love more than anyone else in the world, drawing immersion.

Also, at the end of episode 4, a new phase was predicted as Yoo Jeong-jae found out about the genetic disease 'Lamington' that Cha Se-eum had been trying to hide. There is already tension in the future story that Lee Moo-saeng will portray as to how Yoo Jeong-jae will react in front of Cha Se-eum's Pandora's box.

Lee Moo-saeng's passionate performance, which becomes more intense with each episode, continues in tvN's Saturday-Sunday drama 'Maestra', which airs at 9:20 pm on the 23rd (Saturday).

Ryu Ye-ji, Ten Asia Reporter ryuperstar@tenasia.co.kr translated by google