Kim Min-kyung and Oh Na-mi, aces who protected the team until the moment they were released
Kim Min-kyung and Oh Na-mi, aces who protected the team until the moment they were released
Kim Min-kyung and Oh Na-mi of ‘The Girls Who Hit Goal’ played a game without regrets.

Kim Min-kyung and Oh Na-mi impressed the viewers with a superb game in which they did not hesitate in the release match of SBS's 'Girls Who Hit Goal', which aired on the 20th (yesterday).

On this day's broadcast, the two showed fierce momentum at the start of the game with strong shooting and threatening side penetration dribbling. In particular, I was embarrassed by the set-piece strategy of 'Anaconda', which I saw for the first time, but I soon calmed down and continued the game. Kim Min-kyung also impressed people with a threatening shot that skimmed over the goal post after sharply cutting off the opponent's ball.

However, Kim Min-kyung suffered a pain after being hit in the abdomen while defending a kick-in and was replaced, while Oh Na-mi made a mistake that gave the 'Anaconda' a free kick opportunity, causing regret. Afterwards, the first goal was conceded due to a set piece by 'Anaconda', and they swallowed their disappointment.

A reversal occurred. As if to make up for a mistake, Oh Nami scored a dramatic equalizing goal. Oh Nami's equalizing goal in a one-on-one situation with the goalkeeper before the end of the first half brought the atmosphere of the game towards the 'Gavengers' side.

In the second half of the season, Oh Nami showed off her form. The goal that was attempted as a surprise attack, taking advantage of the chaotic atmosphere due to Anaconda's failed set piece, was unfortunately declared as a no-goal, but was able to set the tone for the game.

Kim Min-kyung and Oh Na-mi, who caught the flow properly, showed off a counterattack with perfect chemistry and knocked on the 'Anaconda' goal without a break.

Kim Min-kyung was eventually replaced by Lee Eun-hyung as the pain from her leg muscle injury worsened. When Lee Eun-hyung succeeded in scoring right after being put in, she told coach Cho Jae-jin, “It’s a good change,” and even showed her sincere support for the team by cheering her on from the bench.

In the penalty shoot-out that followed the end of an intense game, Kim Min-kyung, who took the first kicker, made an unfortunate miss, and Oh Na-mi, who took the fourth kicker at a desperate moment, seemed to ignite a spark of hope for the 'Gavengers', but ultimately suffered a disappointing defeat.

Kim Min-kyung and Oh Na-mi played as members of 'Gavengers', impressing viewers with their outstanding skills and doing their best in every game.

Ryu Ye-ji, Ten Asia Reporter translated by google