2023, Lee Seong-min’s Spring
2023, Lee Seong-min’s Spring
The year 2023 is truly ‘Lee Sung-min’s Spring’.

This year, Lee Seong-min created a binge-watching craze with his TV original series 'The Day of Misdiagnosis' and the Disney+ original 'Detective Chronicles Season 2', and is on the verge of breaking the record of exceeding 10 million viewers with the movie 'Spring in Seoul'. He is enjoying the spring days as an actor as he continues to achieve great success in each work he appears in.

First, Lee Sung-min continues to have meaningful encounters with audiences by playing the role of Chief of Staff Jeong Sang-ho in 'Spring in Seoul', which was released on November 22nd. 'Spring in Seoul', which has been rapidly accumulating the number of viewers at an astonishing rate, has now surpassed 9.3 million viewers and is on the verge of reaching 10 million viewers.

Lee Sung-min, who achieved the 10 million mark with the movie 'The Attorney' released in 2013, is expected to set another 10 million mark and has solidified his position as a leading actor in Korea.

In 'Spring in Seoul', Lee Seong-min naturally melts into the character and plays a crucial role in holding the eyes and ears of the audience at the beginning of the work. It is emitting a powerful presence as a catalyst that heightens tension. In addition, Lee Seong-min is taking the lead in promoting 'Spring in Seoul' and is increasing favorability with his friendly and sensible remarks.

At the same time, Lee Sung-min is considered one of the major contributors to the box office success of 'Detective Chronicles Season 2' and 'The Day of Misdiagnosis' and is continuing his perfect acting transformation. What the two works have in common is that they are works in which Lee Sung-min's passionate performance, who does not spare his body, stands out.

He gave an amazing performance by changing his face from Detective Kim Taek-rok, a strong but lonely character in 'Detective Record Season 2', to Oh Taek, a naive taxi driver in 'The Day of Unlucky Misdiagnosis' who meets a serial killer.

In particular, 'Luck Misdiagnosis Day', the full episode of which was released on the 8th, is attracting attention as it is receiving a warm response from users, enough to spark a craze for regular driving. According to TVING, 'Lucky Misdiagnosis Day' is showing great content power, ranking first in the number of paid subscription contributors for three consecutive weeks.

In 2023 alone, Lee Sung-min continues his active career by meeting the public through various works such as the movies 'Confidential', 'Spring in Seoul', dramas 'The Day of Unlucky Misdiagnosis', and 'Criminal Detective Season 2'. Many people's interest and expectations are focused on the actions of Lee Sung-min, who is proving his worth through acting by absorbing all modifiers like a sponge, including the face of a thousand and trustworthy actor.

Ryu Ye-ji, Ten Asia Reporter ryuperstar@tenasia.co.kr translated by google