‘It’s Night’ Cha Woo Min, No. 1 Villain
‘It’s Night’ Cha Woo Min, No. 1 Villain
Cha Woo-min performed well as the ace of ‘It’s Night’.

Rookie Cha Woo-min showed off his potential as an actor through U+ Mobile TV's 'It's Night'. He played the role of Go Gyeong-jun, the villain of the play and the top student at Yuil High School, and clearly imprinted his name on viewers.

Go Gyeong-jun, played by Cha Woo-min, is a person with a brilliant mind, excellent academic performance, and excellent management skills. Although he is a student who is trusted by his teachers by making full use of his strengths, he is an object of fear to his classmates.

As the episode progressed, Chau Min's presence also grew. After being invited to a mysterious mafia game that cannot be ended, Go Gyeong-jun (played by Cha Woo-min) is faced with the threshold of life and death several times. The fear of not knowing when and how death would come consumed his insides. Go Gyeong-jun's anxious mind manifested itself as a desperate survival instinct, leading to a development in which he could not let down his guard even for a moment.

In particular, Cha Woo-min's passionate performance left a strong impression. The cruelty of putting others in danger just to survive created a breathtaking tension in the play. At this time, his eerie eyes and firm expression were enough to immediately understand the character's emotions.

Afterwards, the sigh that came out of relief at having survived exuded a humanity that had not been felt before. Go Gyeong-jun, who used his rank and status to make the game more dramatic, also showed that he was no different from others in the face of death. Chau Min's three-dimensional acting is said to have given persuasiveness to the multifaceted character and its narrative.

Cha Woo-min took control of the fun of ‘It’s Night’. Starting with the web drama 'Florida Spot' in 2021, he has gradually expanded his acting spectrum by appearing in various works such as the drama 'Weak Hero Class 1' and the movie 'Brave Citizen'. His sincerity as an actor shone through in 'The Night Has Come' and he successfully attempted a bold transformation.

Chau Min, who has a variety of attractive visuals and a tall physique of 187cm, has achieved remarkable growth from a promising next-generation star to a leading role who can lead the overall development in an interesting way. His extensive activities begin in earnest from now on. This is because the two new dramas ‘Study Group’ and ‘Sprit Fingers’ have been confirmed as the next works. Anticipation is already reaching its peak for his new appearance in various works.

Meanwhile, 'It's Night' starring Cha Woo-min can be seen on U+ Mobile TV and Netflix.

Ryu Ye-ji, Ten Asia Reporter ryuperstar@tenasia.co.kr translated by google