Kim Da-hyun, 2nd in 'Active King of Singer' voting, survives dramatically, "I'm scared of the production team"
Kim Da-hyun, 2nd in 'Active King of Singer' voting, survives dramatically, "I'm scared of the production team"
Park Hye-shin, Byulsarang, Yoyomi, Kim Da-hyun, and Maria directly expressed their feelings about dramatically surviving the tearful repechage match and advancing to the second round of the finals.

The 4th episode of MBN's entertainment show 'King of Active Singer', which aired on the 19th, recorded the highest viewership rating of 12.7% and the national viewership rating of 11.3%, breaking its own highest viewership rating for the third time in a row.

In relation to this, the production team of 'Active King of Singer' directly conveyed the sad feelings of the veterans Park Hye-shin, Byeolsarang, Yoyomi, Kim Da-hyun, and Maria, who survived the defeater's resurrection battle in the last broadcast, watching the members who were finally discharged from the extreme 30-minute limited mission right in front of their eyes. .

First, Park Hye-shin, who went from first place in the ‘self-evaluation contest’ to a candidate for release in the ‘on-site nomination contest’ and has been between heaven and hell for 15 years, said, “When you live as a singer, a crisis will come at any time. “It was difficult to prepare a song in 30 minutes, but on the other hand, I thought it would be helpful later when I was on a big stage or in a crisis, and I thought it was a mission that was possible because I was active.” I told you what happened.

Also, about ‘Night Train’, which was the mission song, “I haven’t sung ‘Night Train’ much, so I searched for it on my phone to familiarize myself with it and listened to it, but advertisements kept popping up during the ride. “I thought I was going crazy,” he said, causing laughter. Next, as the team's older sister line, she said, "It was so heartbreaking to watch other active players participate in the repechage match. “Even after I got home, my heart pounding didn’t subside for a few days,” he said, creating a moving feeling.

Star Love sang ‘The Man’ with her stable singing ability and received unanimous praise from the Special Master, but the result was overturned by a vote by the public evaluation panel and she shed tears as she became a candidate for release. Star Love, who shocked those around her with her sobbing appearance after surviving the Resurrection Battle, said, “It’s not over until it’s over, I can’t die like this. Let's survive until the end. “It doesn’t matter if you’re first or second,” he said. “Even if you sit at the last seat of the train, aren’t you already on board? If you can get to your destination, that's okay. It doesn’t matter if you’re in last place. “I persevered with the thought that all I had to do was go,” he said, making one feel his sincerity and determination toward the ‘King of Active Singer’ contest.

Regarding the dramatic passing through re-election with Taehwa Yoon, he said, “I thought this was a way to raise awareness, and I was nervous again. But when I saw Taehwa, my heart broke. Even if I win, it feels like I haven't won. “I think that’s why I cried even harder,” he said, explaining why he shed the most tears on set.

Yoyomi, who is always well-received for her spectacular stage production, said, “When I saw Kang So-ri and Second Sister practicing, the sound was so great. Since I have small vocal cords and am an emotional person, I wanted to do the introduction to the first verse of 'First Marriage', but my second sister also said she wanted to do it, so we ended up deciding on rock-paper-scissors. “But I couldn’t do that part because I lost,” he said, telling the story behind the contest. In addition, “I thought I would definitely fall, but didn’t I come up through the repechage match? “Now that I have another chance, I will work even harder,” he said, showing his determination.

Kim Da-hyeon, the youngest member of the team and ranked second in the public support vote, said, “I have participated in many competitions, but I have never experienced anything like this.” He added, “The challenge is for three people to sing one song in 30 minutes. I really thought it was a dream. “I thought the ‘King of Singers’ production team had prepared a lot to be different from previous competitions, and I thought they were scary people,” he said of the shocking situation at the time. However, Kim Da-hyun soon gave a warm heart by expressing her gratitude by saying, “Luckily, the sisters who formed the loser revival group with me cooperated so well, so I was able to quickly come up with ideas and even dance.”

Lastly, talented Maria, who lost by only 3 votes in the match against Yoon Soo-hyun, said, “I thought that only the sisters who should naturally advance would be left in the repechage match and would be kicked out. When they called out the 30-minute countdown, I thought, ‘This is really intense.’ “I think this will be the first and last time I sing in 30 minutes as a singer,” he said, making everyone laugh.

In addition, regarding the passing of second place after Kim Da-hyun, he said, “I thought of course Da-hyun would be first. “But when my name wasn’t called, my heart started pounding,” he said. “I was so nervous because I thought, ‘Oh, I should be a member of the national team.’ He expressed his firm determination by saying, “Now that I have advanced further, I want to become a national representative of Korea even though I am a foreigner.”

The production team of 'Active Singer' said, "As the release of talented artists without disagreement was confirmed one after another, there were many responses saying, 'This is a truly true scene that can be seen as the active king of singers.' Set the stage on fire. “Please watch the second round of the finals, where the 25 teams that were painstakingly selected will once again bring out all their weapons and compete.”

Episode 5 of ‘Active King of Singer’ will be broadcast at 9:40 pm on the 26th.

Taeyuna, Ten Asia Reporter translated by google