‘Miss Trot 3’ first round death match in history
‘Miss Trot 3’ first round death match in history
TV CHOSUN's entertainment show 'Miss Trot 3' will be aired today (21st).

The 'Miss & Mr. Trot' series has gone beyond trot and has written a new history in the music industry. There is more interest than ever in who will be the new empress who will continue the holy lineage of Song Ga-in and Yang Ji-eun.

In this year's 'Miss Trot 3', 72 elite people with basic skills, overflowing talent, and fresh charm will compete. The participants made it through the most intense preliminaries ever. It is expected that the sparkling competition of participants with diverse charms will provide infinite emotion and catharsis.

In particular, this time, for the first time in the history of the ‘Miss & Mr. Trot’ series, there will be a one-on-one survival battle for each department starting from the first round. A brutal death match in which one of the two will fall will create a thrilling match. Participants within the department nominate themselves, completing an unpredictable match-up.

Even veteran MC Kim Seong-ju predicted a real-life battle that would be difficult to predict, saying, “It’s a big match like the finals.” It is said that at the time of recording, the masters' sigh deepened at the big match where real 'players' faced each other. The participants watched from the waiting room and expressed regret, saying, “Someone will fall out of here.”

An ambusher who writes a thrilling anti-war drama also appears. It is said that a shocking surprise unfolded that no one expected, making it impossible to take one's eyes off for even a moment.

The production team said, “From the first round, the prospective Trot empresses who will write a new history of Trot will compete in a fierce battle with real swords,” and added, “We will come as the largest Trot show on earth, worthy of the reputation of the original Trot Audition.”

'Miss Trot 3' is led by MC Kim Seong-joo and features an ultra-luxurious master corps including Jang Yoon-jung, Kim Yeon-ja, Jin Seong, Boom, Jang Min-ho, Kim Yeon-woo, Park Kal-lin, Hwang Bo-ra, Super Junior's Eun-hyuk, Lee Jin-ho, Billy Tsuki, and, it turns out, a coma. In the first round, 'Mr. Trot 2' Jin and Sunin Ahn Seong-hoon and Park Ji-hyun will join as special masters. Additionally, actor Heo Seong-tae, who started the 'Cocaine Dance' craze, and world-renowned dance crew Prime Kings will perform an unconventional performance at the opening.

‘Miss Trot 3’ will premiere at 10 PM on the 21st.

Taeyuna, Ten Asia Reporter youyou@tenasia.co.kr translated by google