Rowoon confesses his sincerity to Jo Yi-hyun
Rowoon confesses his sincerity to Jo Yi-hyun
With one episode left until the end of KBS2's Monday-Tuesday drama 'Wedding Battle', it broke its own highest viewership rating.

According to Nielsen Korea, a viewership rating research company, on the 20th, the 15th episode of 'Wedding Battle', which aired the previous day, recorded 5.4% in the metropolitan area, breaking its own record again. On this day's broadcast, the tension was heightened with the ending of Rowoon and Jo Yi-hyun's bridal room door flinging open on the verge of their identities being revealed.

The backstory of Shim Jeong-woo (played by Rowoon) and Jeong Soon-deok (played by Jo Yi-hyeon) had no choice but to appear as fake brides and grooms was depicted. Upon hearing the news that the crown prince (played by Hong Dong-yeong) would attend this wedding, many members of the old Dong faction also attended. While the grooms appeared one by one, Miner No. 16 Han Jong-bok (played by God Deok-won), Maeng Doo-ri's (played by Park Ji-won) groom, did not appear, and Jo Ye-jin (played by Oh Ye-joo), who was in the midst of wedding preparations, ran away in her wedding attire, causing trouble.

Mrs. Park (played by Park Ji-young) was angry about Jo Ye-jin's disappearance, but expressed her intention to proceed with the wedding in order to restore the family's honor. While the fake bride was performing the wedding ceremony, she found Jo Ye-jin and told her that she would change her in the bridal room. However, Jeong Soon-deok, who felt guilty, went to the room where the groomsmen were, saying that he would tell the truth to Jo Ye-jin's groom, Lee Si-yeol (played by Son Sang-yeon), and was devastated by the news that Han Jong-bok had been seduced by Panyun Kim Moon-geon (played by Kim Da-heein) and married her. I was lost in thought as I watched Lee Si-yeol getting angry and worried.
Rowoon confesses his sincerity to Jo Yi-hyun
Rowoon confesses his sincerity to Jo Yi-hyun
Afterwards, Soon-deok Jeong planned to make the marriages of three couples successful: Sam-soon Maeng (played by Jeong Bo-min) and Sun-gu Jeong (played by Nam-joon Heo), followed by his lovers Maeng Du-ri and Si-yeol Lee, and Ye-jin Jo, who ran away, and Boo-gyeom Yoon (played by Gyeong-hoon Choi), Jo Ye-jin's lover. . Jeong Soon-deok's plan is to pretend that all three couples are getting married as planned so that Mrs. Park can't do anything about it and enter the bridal room. Also, before Gaedong (played by Bang Eun-jeong) brought Jo Ye-jin and Yoon Bu-gyeom, they held a wedding ceremony as fake bride and groom, and then changed into two people in the bridal room.

Sim Jeong-woo and Jeong Soon-deok created a warm atmosphere by making efforts to make the wedding of the three couples a success, informing Lee Si-yeol and Jeong Soon-gu of the behavior guidelines and asking them to cover their faces completely. Moreover, Shim Jeong-woo expressed his feelings to Jeong Sun-deok, saying, “Once this wedding is over, let’s run away with me.” Jeong Sun-deok caused excitement by smiling and saying, “If this wedding goes well, I will do as you say.”

So the wedding, where everyone's life and death depended, began, and the moment the bride and groom with their faces covered greeted each other, Sim Jeong-woo and Jeong Soon-deok, who had transformed into the bride and groom, were surprised to see each other. It turns out that Mrs. Park put up Jeong Sun-deok as a fake bride instead of Sam-wol, who couldn't stop crying, and Shim Jeong-woo himself became a fake groom because Oh Bong-i said he couldn't do it. However, the situation became difficult as Gaedong was unable to bring Jo Ye-jin and Yoon Bu-gyeom, and Kim Moon-geon, who had stolen Hanjungbok, noticed that Shim Jeong-woo was a fake groom.

When the peek into the bridal room began, Jeong Soon-deok and Shim Jeong-woo turned their heads and hid their faces, and at this time, Bok-hee (played by Lee Ye-joo) guided the onlookers by pointing to the bridal room of Lee Si-yeol, the head of Byeongpandaek. And Lee Si-yeol and Maeng Du-ri, who were in the bridal room, made eye contact with the onlookers and made their wedding official. On the other hand, Kim Moon-geon exposed the fact that Shim Jeong-woo entered the bridal room and attempted to raid the bridal rooms of Maeng Du-ri, Lee Si-yeol, Maeng Sam-sun and Jeong Soon-gu in order to bring down Sim Jeong-woo for insulting the royal family, making Mrs. Park, who had planned a fake bride, nervous.

Meanwhile, Sim Jeong-woo emphasized to Jeong Soon-deok, "Don't forget your promise to do as I ask after this wedding." He then expressed his concern and sincerity by saying, “I don’t want to leave my wife in this house even for a single day.” However, at that moment, the sounds of Kim Mun-geon trying to open the door of the bridal room and Mrs. Park blocking it were heard, and a surprised Jeong Sun-deok said, "Let's run away. If we get caught here like this, we'll both be finished." Just as he was about to run away, the door burst open at the same time. As a result, the ending unfolded with Shim Jung-woo and Jeong Soon-deok facing each other in shock.

Kang Min-kyung, Ten Asia reporter translated by google