'Street Dance Girls Fighter 2' determines the 4 teams that will advance to the final live broadcast
'Street Dance Girls Fighter 2' determines the 4 teams that will advance to the final live broadcast
Mnet's 'Street Dance Girls Fighter 2', which depicts the birth of a world-class teenage dance crew, will determine the four teams that will advance to the final live broadcast.

In the 5th episode of Mnet's 'Street Dance Girls Fighter 2' (hereinafter referred to as 'Sgirlpa 2'), which will be aired at 10 PM today (19th), the final gateway to the finals, the 'Girl Group Choreography Creation Mission', will begin. Out of a total of five teams, four will advance to the finals through today's broadcast, making it the second team to be eliminated following Team Lachica.

The five teams that survived last week's '1vs1 Performance Matchup Mission' will compete in the 'Girl Group Choreography Creation' mission, which will be divided into a total of two rounds. First, in the Ace Match, where the aces selected from each team perform a joint stage with girl group songs, In-jung Yoon (Team 1 Million), Ga-young Lee (Team Bebe), Joo-bin Lee (Team Hook), Miyabi (Team Jam Republic), and Lee Na-ra (Team Mane) Queen) will appear on behalf of the team. In particular, it is said that there is a fierce check and strategy battle between each ace over the distribution of parts, which is already creating tension.

In the second round of the team competition, the five surviving teams will select a girl group song one by one and perform a new performance. The teenage dancers, who are inspected by the master corps ahead of the actual performance, face a crisis as they receive unexpected harsh criticism such as "If I do something wrong, I feel like I'm really going to fail" and "I don't feel like I'm finished at all." There is growing curiosity about what the stage that was created after overcoming the crisis will look like.

In relation to this, the spoiler video for episode 5 released through the YouTube channel The CHOOM is attracting attention from fans. The released video shows five teams recreating girl group choreography with songs by Le Seraphim, Ive, and Espa. The powerful performances of the 5 teams, incorporating the unique sparkling creativity and energy of Generation Z, are overwhelming the viewers' attention and raising expectations for the main stage. In particular, Team Jam Republic's border-transcending legendary stage, which presents a choreography creation mission with Le Seraphim's 'UNFORGIVEN', has been pre-released and is attracting the attention of global fans.

The fate of the four teams heading to the finals will be decided by an on-site audience made up of dancers. As it is the last gateway to the finals, it is said that a legendary stage was born amid fierce competition. With only 4 of the 5 teams on stage advancing to the final mission, a surprising announcement of elimination continues on site, shocking everyone. The released preview shows a scene where all the masters are shedding tears, adding to the curiosity about the results of the 'Girl Group Choreography Creation Mission'.

The scene of a fierce performance battle where survival or elimination is at stake as to who will be named as one of the four teams that will advance to the finals can be seen in the 5th episode of Mnet's 'Street Dance Girls Fighter 2', which will be broadcast at 10 pm on the 19th.

Kim Ji-won, Ten Asia reporter bella@tenasia.co.kr
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