Baek Jong-won closes his business, a decision made after a drunk customer flirts with a female employee
Baek Jong-won closes his business, a decision made after a drunk customer flirts with a female employee
The Geniuses, united as one under the command of General Baek Arthur, successfully carried out the ‘Pincho Pote Landing Operation’. After such an intense business, even Baek Jong-won of the world was excited about the surprising sales results.

The viewer ratings for the 8th episode of tvN's entertainment show 'Business Genius White Sand Beach 2', which aired on the 17th, recorded an average of 6.3%, a high of 8.6% for households in the metropolitan area, and an average of 5.7% for households nationwide, with a high of 7.7%. tvN's target male and female 2049 viewership rating was 2.8% in the metropolitan area, with a maximum of 3.7%, and nationwide, 2.6%, with a maximum of 3.6%.

On this day's broadcast, the war of 1,000 servings, Thursday night's 'Pincho Pote', came to an end. Store manager Lee Jang-woo took charge of the kitchen alone, making chicken gangjeong and at the same time cooking the ingredients needed for kimbap, while Kwon Yuri and Lee Gyu-hyeong devoted themselves to making kimbap rolls. But the problem was turnover rate. Since Hyoyeon was in charge of making drinks alone, the speed of order processing slowed down. Meanwhile, as the rice became soggy, an unexpected crisis arose for kimbap. While making new rice quickly, the turnover rate became even slower as all the prepared kimbap was used up. It was a moment when the prophecy of 'Baxstradamus', who said, "You will die while leisurely" came true. 'Genius Jazz' was so tired that his legs gave out, and he even made the mistake of spilling his drink, showing no signs of recovery once the battle line had been pierced.

In the meantime, Baeksajang, who had roughly wrapped up business at the second store and went to inspect the first store, confirmed the war-like situation. And once again, he demonstrated the wit of a ‘business genius’. They quickly made 200 servings of 'Japchae' and 'Tteokbokki', which were popular menu items at the second branch, and appeared like a ray of light. With the addition of the Pincho menu, turnover speeded up again. John Park and Fabry, who had closed the second branch, were suddenly brought in to solve the problem of lack of manpower by making an all-out effort. It was the moment when ‘General Baek Arthur’s landing operation’ against the war of 1,000 people shone. 'Genius', which became a complete group for the first time since its inception in San Sebastian, Spain, had a fierce battle while comforting each other, and thanks to each person doing more than one person's share in each position, the festival on Thursday night gradually ripened.

However, just when the possibility of selling out the entire menu appeared, Baeksajang announced the end of business. As the night got deeper, the number of drunk customers increased one by one, and there were also customers who flirted with Coro, who was a part-time worker. It was a bold decision made to prevent possible drinking accidents. There was also a warm heart from Baeksajang, which was considerate of the exhausted stamina of the employees who burned themselves white, saying, “Part-time workers are dying.”

Baek Sa-jang was also the one who understood the thoughts of store manager Lee Jang-woo, who said, “I wanted to prove that I was good at learning from my brother, but I couldn’t do that, so I was very angry with myself.” While teaching the practical world of business that in order to increase turnover, you must make customer choices simple, he said, “Isn’t it difficult because things don’t work out the way you thought? “Still, I did a good job,” he said, patting him on the back.

As soon as Genius opened his eyes the next day, he saw the sales results he had been looking forward to. As soon as the sales were revealed, cheers and applause erupted, and Baeksajang couldn't help but be surprised. It raised questions about how much the sales volume would be, which made even business geniuses gasp, and whether the accompaniment that achieved the highest sales of all time would be ranked first in sales, taking one step closer to conquering San Sebastian.

Taeyuna, Ten Asia Reporter translated by google