‘Mokdong Mom’ Jang Young-ran was also surprised… Medical school aspirant: "I did the four basic arithmetic in kindergarten"
‘Mokdong Mom’ Jang Young-ran was also surprised… Medical school aspirant: "I did the four basic arithmetic in kindergarten"
On Channel A's 'Please Tell Me Your Grades: Teachers', a high school student from Heusion, a 'med school aspirant' who is aiming to jump from the 'top' grades to the 'extremely top', came to visit. However, the admission counseling process came with a harsh result: “There is not a single medical school in the country to go to.”

Heo Shion, a high school senior who was a contestant in the 7th episode of 'Teachers' to be aired on the 17th, was an honors student who finished middle school at the top of the entire school and even had a banner hanging, and was hoping to enter medical school amid the 'medical line craze' in the admissions world. . Hersion's father had a view on education that “the top 1% create the world,” and he devoted his utmost attention to his eldest son, Heusion, from an early age.

Student Heo Shi-on said, “I learned the four basic arithmetic operations from my father when I was in kindergarten,” and Young-ran Jang made people laugh by jokingly saying, “You skipped a lot of prior learning.” When Han Hye-jin then asked, “Did that help you a lot?” student Heo Shi-on confessed, “It was easy to study because I learned before others, and I thought I was a genius.”

In fact, according to the results of the 'Teachers' official proficiency test, instructor Jeong Seung-jae of 'Math 1st' was evaluated as "the best among the 'Teachers' challenge students so far", and instructor Jo Jeong-sik of 'English 1st" also said, "He solved the problems beautifully. Solve it. “He is a student who has studied properly,” he praised.

However, as soon as instructor Jo Jeong-sik saw the Heusion student's report card, he sighed and expressed regret, saying, "You must really have a lot to worry about." The student's academic achievement was 'A' in all subjects, but in high school grades, 'grade', which is the result of 'relative evaluation', was more important than achievement. Student Husion scored only a 2nd grade in the core subjects of Korean, English, and math. A Heosion student who went to counseling regarding entrance exams with his parents was told, “With your current grades, you won’t be able to get into any medical school in the country,” and an expert asked, “Are you sure you have the intention to go to medical school? “Then what have you done so far?” he said bitterly.

Regarding the brutal reality of the medical school entrance exam, MC Jeon Hyun-moo opened up, saying, “Especially in the entrance exam, the craze for the ‘medical line’, or ‘dentures-only medicine’, was huge.” In response, lecturer Jo Jeong-sik asked, "Have you ever heard of 'Samryongui'?" and added, "It refers to S, H, and I universities that are located in the provinces but have large hospitals in the metropolitan area. Their admissions are similar to those of the top departments at Korea University." He also added, “Considering the conversion by school, your GPA must be much better than a 1.3 grade to be accepted to medical school,” adding that Heusion students’ GPA is far from sufficient for “admission to medical school.” And he described the battle for getting the top grades as a 'eye through a needle', saying, "If you want to go to medical school, you've got a lot of the top 0.1% of the population."

Choi Ji-ye, Ten Asia Reporter wisdomart@tenasia.co.kr translated by google