Kian 84, appears on ‘King of Mask Singer’ to receive entertainment award?
Kian 84, appears on ‘King of Mask Singer’ to receive entertainment award?
'King of Masked Singer', which will be aired on the 17th, will feature a fantastic duet performance by eight masked singers that will warm up the cold winter nights.

A masked singer who is expected to be Gian84, a webtoon writer and broadcaster who has recently become one of the hottest trends in the entertainment world, appears. As a masked singer finishes his performance, Lee Yoon-seok deduces that the identity of the person who attracted attention with his extraordinary sense of entertainment is Kian 84. His name is only mentioned as he has been active in the entertainment industry this year and is being mentioned as a strong candidate for the entertainment award. Even the judging panel is buzzing with anticipation.

A masked singer with a special connection to handsome actor Song Seung-heon, loved for his sculptural visuals and delicate acting skills, appears. A masked singer reveals a surprising anecdote, saying that he enjoys singing with Song Seung-heon. When the name of a top Korean Wave star is mentioned, everyone is surprised and focuses on the masked singer's story.

Additionally, a masked singer who appears to be Kirsten, a dancer who garnered attention for her powerful dancing skills by appearing as the leader of 'Jam Republic', the runner-up team in 'Street Woman Fighter 2', appears. When a masked singer showed off a powerful hip-hop dance with her personal skills, a series of cheers poured out from the judges' table, and it was assumed that her identity was Kirsten. Her dancing skills instantly caught people's attention, and the excitement in the recording studio did not easily cool down.

The duet song competition stage presented by eight masked singers armed with great skills can be seen on 'King of Mask Singer', which airs at 6:05 pm on this day.

Taeyuna, Ten Asia Reporter translated by google