BTOB’s Changseop leaves Seoul and opens an academy in his hometown
BTOB’s Changseop leaves Seoul and opens an academy in his hometown
BTOB Changseop enjoyed ‘real’ happiness with his dog Guri at his first ‘my home’ in his hometown, which he misses. Changseop, a 'foolish daughter' who always takes care of copper even in his new home, and Changseop's unexpected charm, who displays charisma in front of students at the entrance exam academy he opened in his hometown, attracted attention.

In the MBC entertainment show 'I Live Alone' broadcast on the 15th, the adjustment period of palm oil members Jeon Hyun-moo, Park Na-rae, and Lee Jang-woo, who held the '3rd Palm Oil Seminar in Taichung', and Lee Chang-seop, who settled in a new house in their hometown, was revealed.

On this day, Changseop greeted the morning in his new house, where the interior had been completed. Changseop's new house, which he moved into 18 days ago, stands out for its combination of dark brown and white. Changseop felt happy in my first home. The house was new, but the people remained the same. From the attachment blanket to the baby pants, they blended in with the new home and gave Changseop a sense of stability.

Changseop's daughter's foolish daily life, taking care of copper first, remained the same. Changseop impressed Guri, who was still adjusting to his new home, by showing a positive attitude without making a single noise. He boiled duck neck bones as a snack for Guri and ate cup ramen for his first meal. Even that was stopped when the pot where the duck neck bones were boiled overflowed and the kitchen became messy, so I had a morning of premature abdominal pain.

After assembling and arranging the study chairs, Changseop went for a walk around the neighborhood with Guri. Even though it's snowing heavily, Changseop doesn't miss a walk for Guri's sake. He felt happy at first sight in his new neighborhood. However, the sight of Changseop exhausted by Guri's energetic stamina caused a 'salty smell'. When we returned home after the walk, Guri took the bed in the master bedroom and Changseop curled up on the sofa in the living room. The sight of Changseop and Guri's guests being turned around brought laughter.

Changseop's 'genius at his main job' moment presented an unexpected charm. Changseop, who opened a practical music academy in his hometown of Suwon with an elementary school friend, visits this place once a month to mentor students preparing for audition entrance exams. The charisma of vocal teacher Changseop, who did not seem like a 'dramatic type I', attracted attention. It turns out that Changseop's brilliant past, who entered university after overcoming a competition rate of '600 to 1', was also revealed. Changseop expressed his determination to adapt well to his new home.

Taeyuna, Ten Asia Reporter translated by google