Choi Seong-guk ♥ Wife 24 years younger than me sobbing at the hospital on the D-day of giving birth
Choi Seong-guk ♥ Wife 24 years younger than me sobbing at the hospital on the D-day of giving birth
TV CHOSUN Choi Seong-guk, the 'first lover' who became a father, returns in season 2 of the 100% pure and real documentary entertainment show 'Joseon's Lover'. The production team of 'Joseon's Lovers' raised the expectations of 'Lovers' viewers with a video that captured the breathless journey of '1 year and 2 months' that Choi Seong-guk and his wife went through from the meeting, wedding, and pregnancy news to the day they became parents.

The production team of Season 2 of 'Joseon's Lover', which is scheduled to air for the first time at 10 pm on Monday, December 18th, released a video that allows you to revisit the first meeting with 'Choi Seong-guk's Girlfriend', which made even the production team tremble last year. Choi Seong-guk, who was on his way to Busan at the time, embarrassedly revealed 'wife-to-be' to the public for the first time, explaining, "It's the same Chinese Zodiac sign... the same dog." The production team of 'Joseon's Lover' continued to accompany the parents and family members of the 'wife-to-be', and Choi Seong-guk said, "My father... said that there would be no good in procrastinating, so let's proceed quickly." He expressed his overwhelming feelings in front of the camera.

Choi Seong-guk, who was one of the ‘nationally representative old bachelors,’ got married like that. Soon, new life came to Choi Seong-guk and his wife. However, Choi Seong-guk, who sat with his wife in the waiting room of the obstetrics and gynecology clinic, could not hide his embarrassment among the young fathers, saying, “They are all so young.” 'First-time father' Choi Seong-guk's first pregnancy passed quickly as his wife's belly grew. 4MC Kim Kook-jin

Meanwhile, the production team of 'Joseon's Lover', which claimed to be on standby for '5 minutes,' was with Choi Seong-guk and his wife on D-day, the expected birth date. The urgent-looking camera captured Choi Seong-guk and his wife's serious appearance without any addition or subtraction. Choi Seong-guk's wife lay on the bed and quietly wiped away tears, and Choi Seong-guk lost the smile that always filled his face and began to sob, making people wonder what had happened.

The hectic one-year and two-month journey of 'The First Lover' Choi Seong-guk, who returned as 'Dad', will be revealed in Season 2 of 'Joseon's Lover', which will premiere on TV CHOSUN on Monday, December 18th at 10 PM. .

Ryu Ye-ji, Ten Asia Reporter translated by google