Siwon Choi received an apology from Jihoon Kim
Siwon Choi received an apology from Jihoon Kim
Actor Choi Si-won spoke about his feelings about working as brothers with Kim Ji-hoon.

On the 13th, a production presentation for TVING's original series 'Jae Lee, I'll Die Soon' was held at CGV I'Park Mall in Yongsan, Seoul. Director Ha Byung-hoon and actors Seo In-guk, Park So-dam, Kim Ji-hoon, Choi Si-won, Seong Hoon, Kim Kang-hoon, Jang Seung-jo, Lee Jae-wook, Go Yoon-jung, Kim Jae-wook, and Kim Mi-kyung attended the event.

'Lee Jae, I'm Dying Soon' is a life-changing drama in which Choi Lee Jae (played by Seo In-guk), who is about to fall into hell, experiences death and life 12 times due to the judgment made by Death (played by Park So-dam).

Kim Ji-hoon takes on the role of Taekang Group CEO Park Tae-woo. Choi Si-won plays Park Tae-woo's younger brother, Park Jin-tae, a diamond spoon. Choi Si-won revealed about his brotherly chemistry with Kim Ji-hoon, "I was brought in in the middle, and actor Kim Ji-hoon was filming first, and he kept me in check." In response, Kim Ji-hoon apologized, saying, "I was too immersed in my role. Because we are brothers who do not get along well."

Kim Kang-hoon plays Kwon Hyuk-soo, a 17-year-old high school student who is a victim of school violence. Kang-Hoon Kim said, "I thought a lot about how to express the victims of school violence. The actor who played the perpetrator made them suffer in a delicious way, so my acting came out naturally."

Episodes 1 to 4 of Part 1 of ‘Lee Jae, I’m Dying Soon’ will be released in its entirety on the 15th. Part 2 will be released on January 5th.

Taeyuna, Ten Asia Reporter translated by google