Yang Dong-geun "I received divorce papers after only one year of marriage."
Yang Dong-geun "I received divorce papers after only one year of marriage."
Yang Dong-geun confessed the story of receiving divorce papers from his wife after one year of marriage.

Yang Dong-geun, Lee Seung-yoon, and Seo Dong-ju appeared as guests on the SBS entertainment show 'Shoes Off, Single for Men' (hereinafter referred to as 'Single for Men'), which aired on the 12th.

On this day, Yang Dong-geun said, "I didn't care much about popularity, but when I was in my prime in my 20s, what I encountered was the feeling of wanting to die. It was in that state that I ended up going to the military."

He continued, "Before enlisting in the military, I filled out a life guidance record. I wrote down answers to questions about my psychological state. Strangely, I kept getting called in for interviews," and revealed that he was in charge of working on a theme song needed for the training course.

Yang Dong-geun said, "I made a song, so I have to film a video, and on the day I went to film the music video, my wife came as the main character. It was really cool while filming. I wanted to ask for my phone number. I tried to restrain myself because I was wearing a military uniform. When I go to the military, there is a computer room, so I asked my wife. "I received a message on my mini homepage. I thought it was fate. We were in a relationship for 3 years, and there was a time when we didn't see each other for about a year. I was dumped. I think I was even more anxious because we broke up for a year."

When asked how they met again, Yang Dong-geun said, "My wife's name is Garam, and when I was walking down the street and I saw signs with 'Garam Noodle House' and 'Garam' written on them, I thought it was fate. At that time, I was taking a taxi, and we lived in a nearby neighborhood. We took a taxi and then walked. "I found it. I said, 'Mr. Please stop the car.' And while I was at the cafe, he passed by outside. I ran right away."

Yang Dong-geun says his wife is second only to natural disasters. Yang Dong-geun said, "Ever since I was pregnant, I have been very sensitive to hormonal changes. What's more, I gave birth to one child after another. As I was sensitive and going through a difficult time, I think I was even more angry because I couldn't help her much."

Yang Dong-geun also received divorce papers after one year of marriage. He also revealed, "I'm asking you to turn it around. My wife had a hard time because of me. I guess she thought there was no way between us. I learned that the family court is very big."

Taeyuna, Ten Asia Reporter youyou@tenasia.co.kr translated by google