Choi Soo-young reveals the secret to maintaining her body
Choi Soo-young reveals the secret to maintaining her body
Girl group Girls' Generation member and actress Choi Soo-young appears on 'The Problem Child of the Rooftop.'

Choi Soo-young and Song Jae-rim will appear as guests on KBS2's 'Problem Son of the Rooftop', which will air on the 13th. The two are preparing for the premiere of the play 'Wife', which opens on the 26th.

Choi Soo-young meets Kim Jong-guk, the representative 'god of fitness' in the entertainment industry, and their extraordinary exercise-loving chemistry explodes, showing passion enough to transform a rooftop room into a gym. Accordingly, it was predicted that he would show off his athleticism like 'Little Kim Jong-kook'.

Choi Soo-young showed off her diverse acting skills through dramas such as ‘Nam Nam’, ‘If You Make Your Wish’, and ‘Run On’. Everyone's expectations are high as he is attempting his first play since his debut. Choi Sooyoung plans to reveal everything from the history of Girls' Generation, the longest-running girl group that left a mark in K-pop history, to her secrets to maintaining her body and her unexpected lifestyle.

Song Jae-rim, who appears in the play with Choi Soo-young, played the role of Kim Je-woon, Kim Soo-hyun's bodyguard, in 'The Moon Embracing the Sun', which remains a legendary drama with a viewership rating of around 40%. In addition, he captured the hearts of viewers with his diverse charms through the entertainment show 'We Got Married'. It is known that he, who boasts a series of exciting performances from the recently released movie 'Bait' to the play 'Wife', will also appear in 'The Problem Son of the Rooftop' to show off his hidden unexpected charm.

Kang Min-kyung, Ten Asia reporter translated by google