‘It’s Night’ Jeong So-ri, a villain you can’t hate
‘It’s Night’ Jeong So-ri, a villain you can’t hate
With the explosive success of 'It's Night', interest in actress Jeong So-ri is growing.

U+Mobile TV's original series 'It's Night' starring actress Jeong So-ri as the lead is a teen mystery thriller that tells the story of 2nd year and 3rd class students at Yuil High School who are forced to participate in a mysterious mafia game that cannot be ended. Thanks to the immersive subject matter, detailed directing, music that adds to the immersion, and the actors' excellent performances, it entered Netflix's 'Today's TOP 10 Series in Korea' at number 3, and is steadily ranking in the top ranks, continuing its upward trend.

In the play, So-mi Jeong plays the role of Kim So-mi, the vice squad leader who will do whatever it takes to survive the cruel game of survival. Somi, who is quick-witted and has excellent management skills, reverses the attack on a friend who was accusing her of being a mafia and causes him to die, and also causes goosebumps by cleverly using children's psychology to create public opinion. In addition, So-ri Jeong is loved by viewers for her portrayal of So-mi, who will do anything to protect her unrequited love, Jun-hee (played by Kim Woo-seok), and her portrayal of a villain who cannot be hated.

Jeong So-ri, who perfectly portrayed the duality of So-mi's character, confirmed director Im Da-woong's expectations. At the press conference held earlier, Director Im Da-woong said, “Actress Jeong So-ri was impressive in ‘Carter.’ Rather, I think that such a character would have a unique yet unique charm when he becomes the vice president,” he said. Jeong So-ri flawlessly portrays So-mi's three-dimensional side, which is cool and cunning behind a proactive and empathetic exterior, leaving a strong and unforgettable impression in the minds of viewers.

Jeong So-ri has steadily built her acting career by appearing in various works. In the movie 'Duke', he played the role of Ri Hong-seol, an agent of North Korea's State Security Department's Overseas Counterintelligence Department, and even though it was his debut work, he showed off his strong presence and made his face known to the public. In the Apple TV+ 'Pachinko', he appeared as Ji-yoon, a child of a wealthy family in Joseon, and played a scene-stealer role. It worked well. In addition, in the Netflix movie 'Carter', she played the role of Han Jeong-hee, an agent and vice-chief of the external liaison department of the Workers' Party of Korea, and received favorable reviews for her immersive voice in the beginning and difficult action acting in the second half.

Viewers who recognized Jeong So-ri's infinite growth potential after watching 'It's Night' said, "Somi is really scary," "I was even creepier because Jeong So-ri was good at acting," "It's really amazing that she speaks while suppressing her emotions." “I felt like I really liked Junhee, but it was a pity”, “I was even more surprised at how strangely persuasive he was when he was inciting his friends”, “I was impressed by actor Jeong So-ri in ‘Carter’ and he was just as good as expected”, “I was really immersed when he acted”, “Other works. There were enthusiastic responses such as “I want to see you again soon.”

Meanwhile, 'It's Night' starring actress Jeong So-ri is released sequentially once a week from Monday to Thursday through U+Mobile TV, and four episodes can be seen at once on Netflix every Thursday.

Ryu Ye-ji, Ten Asia Reporter ryuperstar@tenasia.co.kr translated by google