Han Seok-gyu returns to MBC after 29 years
Han Seok-gyu returns to MBC after 29 years
Actor Han Seok-gyu has confirmed his appearance in MBC's new drama 'This Close Traitor (working title)'. Han Seok-gyu's appearance in an MBC drama is 29 years after 'Hotel' in 1995.

'This Close Traitor' is a family psychological thriller drama about the dilemma faced by Korea's best profiler when he learns his daughter's secret related to the murder crime he is investigating.

Although ‘This Intimate Traitor’ has genre characteristics, it is ultimately a work that contains in-depth stories related to family relationships, trust and doubt. This is the work of writer Han A-young, who won the 2021 MBC Drama Script Contest with overwhelming support from the judges, and was developed into a mini-series by consolidating MBC's drama development know-how over the past three years. With its solid story, lively characters, and dramatic fun, it is emerging as MBC's most anticipated work in 2024.

In 'This Intimate Traitor', Han Seok-gyu plays Jang Tae-soo, the best profiler in Korea and a father who raises his only daughter alone. Jang Tae-soo, who will be presented by Han Seok-gyu, who has proven his irreplaceable acting credentials by appearing on screen and TV, is a man of great standing who voluntarily took the path of a criminal behavior analyst from a time when even the word profiling was unfamiliar, and is unrivaled respect within the police organization. He is a person who is gaining trust.

However, due to an incident, everything from his professional beliefs to his relationship with his beloved daughter is shaken, and he struggles to reveal the truth to protect his daughter, who is his everything. I am looking forward to seeing how Jang Tae-soo, a character who is perfect and respected professionally but is alienated as a husband and father, will be portrayed when he meets actor Han Seok-gyu.

Producer Song Yeon-hwa, who directed the MBC drama 'Wild Boar Hunting', was in charge of directing. MBC Namgoong voice actor EP, who was in charge of ‘This Close Traitor’, said, “It is more meaningful than anything else that actor Han Seok-gyu, who was greatly loved on MBC, returns after 29 years and meets viewers. The setting of national actor Han Seok-gyu playing the role of Korea's best profiler, suspecting and tracking down his daughter and facing her as the subject of an investigation will be very interesting to viewers in itself. He expressed his strong confidence in the drama, saying, "With the excellent script of writer Han A-young, who caught everyone's attention as soon as it appeared through a script contest, and the directing of producer Song Yeon-hwa, who has already proven her skills, we expect a very interesting work to be created."

'This Close Traitor' has confirmed its MBC Friday-Saturday drama schedule in the second half of 2024 and will begin full-scale production starting with the casting of the lead actors.

Taeyuna, Ten Asia Reporter youyou@tenasia.co.kr translated by google