Jeong Mi-ae, who suffered from tongue cancer, confessed, “I cut off a third of my tongue.”
Jeong Mi-ae, who suffered from tongue cancer, confessed, “I cut off a third of my tongue.”
Singer Jeong Mi-ae, a former member of 'Miss Trot' and a super mom with multiple children, confesses her feelings during her battle with tongue cancer.

3rd) Singer Jeong Mi-ae appears on TV CHOSUN's 'Star Documentary My Way', which airs at 7:50 pm.

Jung Mi-ae, who received a lot of love by showing off her explosive singing skills in 'Miss Trot' in 2019, rose to the final second place. However, he suddenly stopped his activities around December 2021, and surprised everyone by belatedly announcing that he was suffering from tongue cancer.

Jeong Mi-ae had to go through a difficult time for a while as she was diagnosed with tongue cancer at the hospital she visited due to persistent pain in her ears and mouth. Recalling that time, he said, “It was so scary, but I had four kids. 'sing? Let's put it down. All I could think was ‘I have to live (for my family)’. “If you live first, anything will happen,” he said, confessing his feelings at the time. Jeong Mi-ae had to undergo eight hours of major surgery and have a third of her tongue removed. Although she had to practice not only her pronunciation but also her smile due to her tongue abstinence, she did not give up due to her strong will and was able to return to the stage after 10 months of arduous rehabilitation and hard work.

In the broadcast, Jeong Mi-ae, a 'super mom with three sons and one daughter', is also depicted being with her family for the first time in a long time. Jeong Mi-ae expressed her gratitude to her husband, saying, “I was able to overcome my illness thanks to my husband, who always supported me.” She added, “When I was diagnosed with tongue cancer, my husband calmly told me that everything would be fine, so I was able to shake off my anxiety.” He also expressed his apologies to his children, saying that he was unable to give them much time due to his busy schedule. Looking at her eldest middle school son who takes care of his younger siblings, she said, “The eldest son is as good as an adult. “I feel like I made my child like that... I’m always sorry,” she said, shedding tears.

There will also be a special meeting between Jung Mi-ae and comedian and trot singer Ahn So-mi. The two, who were mothers, have maintained a close friendship for four years since competing as Mamibu in 'Miss Trot'. Jeong Mi-ae said, “We became closer because the kids were similar in age,” and revealed that Ahn So-mi was the one she was most comfortable with during the contest. Next, So-mi Ahn created a warm atmosphere by acknowledging her skills, saying, “The moment I saw Jung Mi-ae on ‘Miss Trot,’ I expected the top 3, and it was solid from beginning to end without any problems.”

Trot diva and super working mom Jeong Mi-ae's life story can be seen on TV CHOSUN's 'Star Documentary My Way' at 7:50 pm on the 3rd.

Kim Ji-won, Ten Asia reporter translated by google