Did Ahn Jung-hwan use a dating app? Lee Hye-won was embarrassed by the pressure.
Did Ahn Jung-hwan use a dating app? Lee Hye-won was embarrassed by the pressure.
MC Ahn Jung-hwan is under strong 'pressure' from his wife, Lee Hye-won, due to an involuntary recall of past memories.

In the 10th episode of Channel A's entertainment show 'Family Crossing the Line', which will be broadcast on December 1, there is a story about Park Jeong-bin, a soccer player playing in Rhodes AF, the second division of France, and Cecilia Park, who crossed the line from Denmark to France with her husband. ‘The period of adaptation to France’ unfolds.

Kim Nam-il, who appeared as a guest on Park Jung-bin's appearance that day, was happy and said, "I will immediately recognize his face because he has played in the K-League," and praised Park Jung-bin, saying, "He was a player who had enough potential to receive the Cha Bum-geun Soccer Award when he was young." do not spare Park Jung-bin, who exchanged warm greetings with 'senior soccer players' Ahn Jung-hwan and Kim Nam-il, talked about how he met his wife, Cecilia Park, saying, "When I was playing in the Danish league, I used a 'dating app' to relieve my loneliness, and as if by fate, I met my current wife and ended up getting married. “He confesses. Yoo Se-yoon cheered at the two people's bold love story, saying, "I agree with this direction!", while 'Korean Foreigners' Sam Hammington and Robin said, "There is deliberation in the program," and started crackdown under the influence of 'Confucian Boy'. It creates a strange contrast.

Ahn Jung-hwan, who was quietly watching the flow of their conversation, recalled memories of that time, saying, “This is a comment that was unthinkable in the past,” and “Dating apps were the same as phone calls in the old days.” Immediately after, as Ahn Jung-hwan's excited talk about phone calls continued, Lee Hye-won, who was silently listening to the story from the side, put pressure on Ahn Jung-hwan, saying, "Have you tried (phoneting)?" Kim Nam-il also launched a second attack at the embarrassed Ahn Jung-hwan, asking, “Why are you stuttering?” In response, Ahn Jung-hwan urgently said, “Actually, I saw Kim Nam-il making phone calls,” and launched ‘Operation Water Ghost’ to resolve the situation.

Cecilia Park said she even acquired a 'sports nutrition professional certification' for her husband, showing off her side as the 'queen of domestic help' by cooking a healthy meal every morning. Kim Nam-il, who was watching Cecilia Park's meticulous cooking relay, said, "If I ate like that, I would have advanced to the EPL," and handed his wife Kim Bo-min a 'suspicious loss.'

Cecilia Park then invited Park Jeong-bin's fellow players and held a 'Korean food party', and the players who tasted Korean food and 'kimchi' for the first time responded enthusiastically. The production team said, “Please wait and see whether their party will end successfully.”

Episode 10 of ‘Family Who Crosses the Line’ will be broadcast at 9:30 pm on December 1.

Taeyuna, Ten Asia Reporter youyou@tenasia.co.kr translated by google