“Please let me have a child” Shim Hyung-tak and Saya couple pray for the second generation
“Please let me have a child” Shim Hyung-tak and Saya couple pray for the second generation
Shim Hyung-tak and Saya couple prayed for a second generation.

In the 92nd episode of Channel A's entertainment show 'Man's Life These Days - Groom's Class (hereinafter referred to as 'Groom's Class'), which aired on the 29th, the couple's Shim Hyung-tak and Saya went on a trip to Sacheon, Gyeongnam.

Shim Hyung-tak went down to Sacheon, Gyeongsangnam-do to wait for his wife, Saya, for a special appearance in a drama. Shim Hyung-tak, who met his wife at Sacheon Airport, led Saya by saying, “Let’s go on an impromptu trip.” The two took a taxi and headed to the 'Knight's Restaurant' recommended by the driver, where they chatted while eating king pork cutlet and bulgogi abalone. At this time, in response to Shim Hyeong-tak’s question, “What would you think if you had to kiss for the sake of a work?” Saya responded, “I’ve already seen the kissing scene. He coolly replied, “It doesn’t matter because it’s acting,” and received rave reviews from the studio’s mentors, who said, “He’s truly a great person!”

Afterwards, the two headed to Baekcheonsa Temple, a temple recommended by the restaurant owner. Here, the two received the 'Jukbi' ritual from the monk and obtained good energy for the second generation. He also rubbed the spring water basin in front of Maitreya Buddha to create water flowers and prayed, “I will have a healthy child.” At this time, Shim Hyung-tak created a scary ‘water flower storm’ and the two people said, “That’s enough! “Thank you so much,” he said, cheering.

After the successful ceremony, Shim Hyung-tak and Saya went to ride the cable car, a famous attraction in Sacheon. I had fun making a video call with Saya's two nephews in a dizzying cable car with a glass floor. Then, Shim Hyung-tak impressed Saya by giving her a bouquet of roses that he had prepared in advance. Shim Hyung-tak said, “Today is the 100th day since our wedding,” and gave them a sweet kiss, saying, “Next time, let’s travel as a group with Baby.”

Taeyuna, Ten Asia Reporter youyou@tenasia.co.kr translated by google