‘Miss Trot 3’ first broadcast confirmed for December 21st
‘Miss Trot 3’ first broadcast confirmed for December 21st
TV Chosun's entertainment show 'Miss Trot 3' changed into an unconventional Barbie Pink outfit.

'Miss Trot 3', which will be aired for the first time on December 21st, released the main poster on the 30th, with an intense Barbie Pink that steals attention.

The main poster that was released is completely unique, starting with its color. The red that symbolized 'Miss Trot' and 'Mr. Trot' was boldly abandoned and transformed into a trendy Barbie Pink. The combination of 'Miss Trot 3', which will show a different level of evolved trot audition, and pink, which symbolizes the independent young generation who know how to confidently show off their own beauty, is raising expectations.

'Miss Trot 3' heralds the appearance of monster talents who will chew up the trot scene along with an upgraded composition. The new stage where the contest will take place also foreshadows the biggest trot show on earth that will break and turn the world upside down. The upper part, which symbolizes a tiara crown, and the central part of the petals, which represent the participants who will bloom in 'Miss Trot 3', attract attention. Expectations are high as to who will be the new Trot star who will bloom as the owner of the glorious crown.

As it promoted the message of 'break the world and turn it over', this 'Miss Trot 3' sharpened its sword properly. The production team said, “We chose Barbie Pink as the key color in the hope of fully conveying the confident and positive energy of prospective trot stars who will break and turn the world around. Please look forward to the sparkling competition of even more powerful talents in the new season.” .

MC and master lineups were also formed. Starting with MC Kim Seong-ju, Jang Yoon-jung, Kim Yeon-ja, Jin Seong, Boom, Jang Min-ho, Kim Yeon-woo, Park Kal-in, Hwang Bo-ra, Super Junior's Eun-hyuk, Jin-ho Lee, Billy Tsuki, and Coma, as it turns out, play the role of masters.

‘Miss Trot 3’ will premiere at 10 PM on December 21.

Taeyuna, Ten Asia Reporter youyou@tenasia.co.kr translated by google