Kang Shin-hyo, contemptuous eyes
Kang Shin-hyo, contemptuous eyes
It is a rebellion by a highly stimulating villain. Kang Shin-hyo, the 'standard of a perfect marriage', exploded with curiosity about him at every moment and launched a villain rebellion.

In the MBN weekend miniseries 'The Perfect Marriage' (written by Lim Seo-ra/directed by Oh Sang-won/produced by Ahn Hyeong-jo and Seo Jang-won) that aired on the 11th, signs of Seo Jeong-wook (Kang Shin-hyo)'s rebellion were depicted. He, the vice president of Prince Construction and the half-brother of Seo Do-guk (played by Seong-hoon), began to keep his younger brother Seo Do-guk in check. Seo Jeong-wook, who started a rebellion by exploring the people around Seo Do-guk, captured the attention of viewers with each appearance, exploding curiosity about his plans.

First, Seo Jeong-wook targeted Han Yi-ju (played by Jeong Yu-min), who had promised to marry Seo Do-guk. Seo Jeong-wook, who suggested meeting Seo Do-guk with a secret about him, implied that the reason he was limping on one leg was because of Seo Do-guk, revealing an uncomfortable atmosphere between the two.

Here, Lee Jeong-hye (Lee Min-young), who began to attack Seo Jeong-wook, was also depicted. I informed Seo Jeong-wook that Seo Do-guk and Han Lee-joo's marriage were intertwined with business between the groups. Han Lee-joo's grandfather revealed that he gave 3 billion won to Taeja Group to make the marriage happen, and this shook Seo Jeong-wook by saying that this was because he considered Seo Do-guk to be the successor to Taeja Group.

Seo Jeong-wook told what he learned to Han Yi-ju. Han Yi-ju could not hide her embarrassment when Seo Jeong-wook asked to openly collaborate on the reason for the money that came into Taeja Group, and soon Seo Do-guk joined in, creating tension between the three. Seo Jeong-wook was so upset that he called Seo Do-guk to the meeting between the two. Seo Jeong-wook expected Seo Do-guk to be displeased with the meeting itself, so he took the time to provoke Seo Do-guk.

To Seo Jeong-wook, Seo Do-guk did not hide his anger, saying, “Like a rat, he knows how to plan something else,” and Seo Jeong-wook showed his composure. “You are treating Ji hyung like a rat, and is there even a need to do this without causing something?” and “Why are you pushing him away like you did then?” He amplified curiosity by saying, “I’m sure I’ll have to kill him this time?”

He is truly a highly stimulating villain. Kang Shin-hyo, who explodes curiosity and curiosity every time he appears and even raises interest in the character Seo Jeong-wook with his gentle yet sharp gaze, completes Seo Jeong-wook with a dual aspect. In front of his family, he had the face of a generous eldest brother and stimulated sympathy with Han Yi-joo with a compassionate look, but when confronting Seo Do-guk, he took a provocative stance with sharp lines and a scornful look. In this way, Kang Shin-hyo drew the dual aspects of evil in high density, maximizing immersion in the play. Expectations are high for Kang Shin-hyo's performance as a highly stimulating villain who even stimulates the emotions of viewers.

Meanwhile, the drama 'The Perfect Marriage', which is adding interest to the plot by revealing Kang Shin-hyo's true face, will be broadcast on MBN at 9:50 pm on Saturdays and Sundays.

Ryu Ye-ji, Ten Asia Reporter ryuperstar@tenasia.co.kr translated by google