Lee Hyo-jeong says, “It’s been over 15 years since I bought a house in Ilsan, but house prices haven’t gone up.”
Lee Hyo-jeong says, “It’s been over 15 years since I bought a house in Ilsan, but house prices haven’t gone up.”
MBC's entertainment show 'Save Me!' aired on the 9th. In 'Holmes', Team Bok's '2U from Songpa!' won by being selected by the client.

On this day's broadcast, a family of four who had repeatedly moved into a rented house for 30 years appeared. The client said that he had requested 'Holmes' with the dream of 'buying his own home' for the first time where his entire family could live without worrying about moving. The desired area was Seoul or Seongnam, within 50 minutes to Dongtan Station, where the father and client work, and within 1 hour by public transportation to Sadang Station, where the younger sister works. It was revealed that the budget could be up to 1 billion won for sale.

In the Bok team, actor father and son Lee Hyo-jung and son Lee Yu-jin participated. Lee Yu-jin asked Lee Hyo-jeong, “Haven’t we lived in Ilsan for over 20 years?” and “Isn’t Ilsan a lot higher now than back then?” Lee Hyo-jeong said, "It's been over 15 years since my dad bought that house, and the price was then and the price is now," causing regret.

The first property for sale was a townhouse in the forest area in Docon-dong, Jungwon-gu, Seongnam-si. Not only the courtyard, which is the focal point, but also the garden and veranda. It attracted attention as there were many outdoor spaces. Lee Yoo-jin mentioned “Lovers in the World,” in which her father appeared, and said, “I remember the title, but I remember it when I was very young.” In response, Lee Hyo-jung said, "You went to the filming set a lot. The late Kang Soo-yeon played the main character, so it attracted a lot of attention. They thought you were really cute. They said you looked pretty, and they said, 'Are you going to become an actor?' Then he said, ‘I’m not doing it,’” he recalled.

The second property was headed to Ogeum-dong, Songpa-gu, Seoul. There was a Seongnaecheon trail right in front of the zip, and Olympic Park was also within walking distance, boasting excellent infrastructure. It was an attractive house with an open living room view of Seongnae Stream and a generous number of rooms.

From Team Deok, eternal divas Kim Wan-sun and Yang Se-chan appeared. The first property was a large apartment complex modeled in 2020 in Geumgwang-dong, Jungwon-gu, Seongnam-si. In addition to the four spacious rooms, the two rooms outside the middle door were also completely separated. There are three parks within walking distance, and the view of Geomdansan Mountain in front of me caught my eye.

The second property for sale is a duplex apartment in Docon-dong, Jungwon-gu, Seongnam-si. The high penthouse-level ceiling and open view that can be seen as soon as you enter the living room caught the eye. In addition, it attracted attention because the owner, who is an architect, did the modeling himself.

The Bok team selected ‘2U from Songpa!’ as the final offering, and the Deok team selected ‘Are you... twin arches?!’ as the final offering. The client chose the Bok team's '2U from Songpa!', which was right around the corner from Seongnaecheon, and gave the Bok team the win.

Next, in 'Daeho Came to See the House', he headed to a house located in Imsil, Jeollabuk-do. This house was located in a foggy mountain, as if it were in the clouds. Contrary to the exterior of the house, which is filled with an old-time atmosphere, when I went inside the house, there was an unconventional karaoke room where you could enjoy drinking, singing, and dancing without worrying about noise 24 hours a day, and announcer Kim Dae-ho's all-time excitement was revealed and caught everyone's attention.

Taeyuna, Ten Asia Reporter youyou@tenasia.co.kr translated by google