“I will live without my parents” Lee Hyung-taek’s eldest daughter, the real reason she quit tennis
“I will live without my parents” Lee Hyung-taek’s eldest daughter, the real reason she quit tennis
In Channel A's entertainment show 'Oh Eun-young's Golden Counseling Center', which airs today (17th), the concerns of tennis world's 'living legend' coach Lee Hyeong-taek and his eldest daughter Lee Song-eun are revealed.

Lee Hyung-taek started bragging about his children from the moment he appeared. He certifies that his children are a 'special DNA family' by saying that they have excellent athletic ability, and shows a 'fool for daughter' and 'fool for son' moment. However, he then confesses his concerns about his first daughter. Lee Hyung-taek confesses, “Song Eun-i cares about her surroundings as if she has an obsession.” When her daughter was young, she was full of charm, but she seemed to have changed as she entered puberty, and confessed that there were times when she was in trouble because of her, such as not allowing her to post photos of herself on social media and suddenly canceling trips. Lee Hyeong-taek then said that he moved his daughter's school as she wanted, but she was not working hard, and he seemed worried that she might lack persistence.

Dr. Oh Eun-young, who confirmed the concerns, advises that adolescence is a period of social development, so children are greatly influenced by others, and that children should understand their puberty period well. Then, daughter Lee Song-eun appears at the counseling center, and as soon as she appears, she says, “My dad misunderstands me.” They also reveal that they are having difficulty communicating with their parents, saying that their parents overinterpret things differently from their intentions.

Lee Hyeong-taek confesses his frustration, saying that his daughter supported him with a full set when she said she wanted to play golf, but she is not going. She is planning to quit her current school and take the qualification exam. He also said that his daughter seems to be trying to avoid everything. In response, daughter Lee Song-eun counters that there is a reason, not avoidance, and announces the beginning of a father-daughter war.

Dr. Oh Eun-young, who listened to the two people's story, says that they need to understand each other in order to resolve the relationship between father and daughter, and asks about the reason their father, Lee Hyeong-taek, was most worried about, 'why they care so much about what people around them think.' Lee Song-eun, who was thinking about this carefully, confesses that she seems to care about those around her because she doesn't like showing her immaturity to others. He then reveals his true feelings, saying that in the past, when he played tennis with top players at the American Tennis Academy run by his father, Lee Hyeong-taek, he actually did not want to go because he did not want to be considered one of the poor players.

Dr. Oh Eun-young, who heard this, analyzes that Lee Song-eun is sensitive to the evaluation of his abilities, and continues an in-depth analysis of why recognition has become important to him. In response, Lee Song-eun confesses that she once said to her father, “I feel like I’m discriminating against my youngest brother,” and adds, “I think he supports me because I’m his daughter, not because he loves me.” Accordingly, Lee Hyeong-taek seems to have given more support to his eldest daughter, Song-eun Lee, but he does not know why he thinks that way, revealing the difference in thoughts between father and daughter.

Lee Song-eun said that even when she was living in a dormitory, her mother would say, "It's good because the house is quiet without you," and because of this, she even thought, "If I become a millionaire, I will give back all the money my parents gave me and cut off ties." He shows that he is upset that he did it. After hearing this, Dr. Oh Eun-young discovers that Lee Song-eun's regret remains deep in her heart and advises Lee Hyeong-taek that it is necessary to look into whether the child's heart remains deeply sad. MC Park Na-rae also sympathizes with Song-eun Lee, confessing that she, as the eldest daughter, has made a lot of sacrifices in her life.

In response, Lee Hyeong-taek added his opinion, saying that he thought Song-eun Lee was intimidated because she did not discover her talent earlier than her younger siblings. However, Lee Song-eun sheds tears, saying that she was hurt by her father’s words, “I was jealous of my younger brother because I had low self-esteem.” Dr. Oh Eun-young, who saw this, said that if the problem of the relationship with parents was resolved through jealousy, the child's heart would be broken, and she noticed that Lee Hyeong-taek was evaluating his children based on their abilities. Additionally, he advises that one needs to be careful about ability-based evaluations, as they may come across as a comparison to children.

Dr. Eun-young Oh then comforts Lee Hyung-taek by saying that he is a "super elite parent" who has achieved great success in tennis, and that his daughter Song Eun-i must have also experienced extreme tension because of that. Lee Song-eun confesses that she quit tennis because she felt pressured to do well. Dr. Oh Eun-young, who heard this, continues her analysis, saying that Lee Hyeong-taek's teaching method seems to be missing the 'heart' of 'both material and spiritual aspects.'

Lee Hyeong-taek confesses the things in his heart that he has never been able to tell his daughter, making Song Eun-i cry. Expectations are high as to whether Lee Hyung-taek's sincerity and Dr. Oh Eun-young's father-daughter reconciliation solution will meet and lead to a successful reconciliation between father and daughter.

‘Oh Eun-young’s Golden Counseling Center’ airs every Tuesday at 8:10 p.m.

Taeyuna, Ten Asia Reporter youyou@tenasia.co.kr translated by google