Kim Yu-jeong and Song Kang, the first meeting of excitement makers
Kim Yu-jeong and Song Kang, the first meeting of excitement makers
Kim Yoo-jung and Song Kang truly captivate viewers with their soul-saving romance.

On the 17th, SBS' new Friday-Saturday drama 'My Demon' revealed the script reading site. 'My Demon' is a fantasy romantic comedy that follows the contract marriage between the devilish conglomerate heiress Do Do-hee (played by Kim Yoo-jeong) and the devil Jeong Gu-won (played by Song Kang), who lost his powers for a moment. The contract with the devil that gives finite happiness and leads to hell, and the sweet but dangerous romance of saving one's soul with the devil, offers a different level of excitement.

The script reading on this day was attended by trustworthy actors such as director Kim Jang-han, writer Choi A-il, Kim Yu-jung, Song Kang, Lee Sang-i, Kim Hae-sook, Jo Hye-joo, Kim Tae-hoon, Jo Yeon-hee, Lee Yoon-ji, Kang Seung-ho, Seo Jeong-yeon, and Heo Jeong-do, and gave passionate performances. The charm of the delightful and thrilling character was maximized to increase immersion.

Kim Yoo-jung dressed up as Do Do-hee, a future group heiress whom no one could trust and who loved the devil. Do Hee, an outsider in the Mirae Group, is a person who realized the truth of the world early on and became cool-headed, and is cynical about love. Do Do-hee enters into a contract with the devil's salvation and undergoes an unimaginable change. Kim Yoo-jung drew attention by colorfully expressing Do Do-hee's sweet and salty charms, like a salt latte that is tough but soft, delicate but strong, with detailed emotional lines.

Song Kang undergoes an unprecedented transformation as the flawless and deadly demon Redemption. Salvation, a devil who has enjoyed eternal life by making a dangerous yet sweet deal with humans by pledging his soul as collateral. He treated humans as insignificant and reigned as an apex predator for over 200 years, but he became entangled with a very strange woman, Do Do-hee, and lost his abilities for a moment. Song Kang completed the unexpected charm of the devil's salvation by having to protect Do Do-hee, who had been robbed(?) of his abilities in order to prevent extinction, by crossing the line between comedy and seriousness.

In particular, the chemistry between Kim Yoo-jung and Song Kang, which raised everyone's expectations, aroused admiration from the first script reading. The romantic comedy's perfect visual chemistry and Tiki Taka's character created excitement, further heightening expectations for the fantasy romantic comedy that the two young actors will complete.

Lee Sang-i takes on the role of Joo Seok-hoon, a future investment representative and elite. Seok-Hoon is the nephew of Mirae Group founder Joo Cheon-Sook (played by Kim Hae-Sook) and the only person with whom Do-Hee feels a kinship. Lee Sang-i added to the immersion by expressing the delicate emotional changes of Seok-hoon, as something stirred deep in his heart as Gu-won appeared next to Do-hee.
Kim Yu-jeong and Song Kang, the first meeting of excitement makers
Kim Yu-jeong and Song Kang, the first meeting of excitement makers
Kim Hae-sook played the role of Chairman Joo Cheon-sook, who turned Mirae Group into a leading conglomerate with her bare hands. Cheon-suk, whom Do-hee affectionately calls Mrs. Joo and whom she relies on more than anyone else. Although she considers Do-hee special instead of her distrustful children, Cheon-suk actually has a big secret. Kim Hae-sook solidly captured the center of the play as Cheon-suk, who is eccentric but cannot be hated.

Jo Hye-joo transformed into Jin Ga-young, who wants to become Gu-won's only human companion. Ga-young, who believes she has been saved after meeting salvation at the edge of a cliff, is a person who disapproves of Do-hee, who suddenly appears one day. Jo Hye-joo predicted the performance of Ga-young, a dancer whose specialty is traditional double sword dance, by doubling her unpredictable charm.

The performance of the actors who heightened the dramatic tension in the opposite direction of Do-hee also added to the fun. Noh Seok-min, Cheon-suk's eldest son and CEO of Future Electronics, was played by Tae-hoon Kim and gave a skillful performance. Kim Tae-hoon portrayed Seok-min's cold face after losing Cheon-sook's trust. Kim Se-ra, Seok-min's wife and future electronics managing director, was played by Jo Yeon-hee. Jo Yeon-hee transformed into Sarah, wearing a social mask, and made a strong impact.

Lee Yoon-ji was in charge of Noh Su-an, Cheon-suk's second daughter and CEO of Mirae Apparel. Yunji Lee flexibly portrays the colorful face of Suan, who pretends to be noble, but her true self is always revealed by her twin sons, Austin and Justin. Kang Seung-ho played the role of Noh Do-kyung, the only son of Seok-min and Sarah and the head of Future Electronics. He adjusted the dramatic tension by depicting the dangerous aspects of Do-kyung, who has a double face, in a suspenseful manner.

Dohee and her rescue assistants also shined. Seo Jeong-yeon takes on the role of Do-hee's AI-like mystery book. Seo Jeong-yeon played a faithful role as Sin Sin-seo, who was quick-witted enough to figure out Do-hee's inner thoughts just by looking at her eyes. If Do-hee has a mystery book, Gu-won has Park Bok-gyu. Bok-gyu, who helps Gu Gu disguise human life, was played by Heo Jeong-do. Bok-gyu, who was Salvation's first contractor 200 years ago, is a human being like a defective product, as Salvation expressed, because he remembers his past life. Heo Jeong-do gave a pleasant laugh by performing the fantastic Tiki Taka with Song Kang, who plays the role of Guwon.

The production team of 'My Demon' said, "The characters are as unique as the fascinating setting of a romance with a devil. The passionate performances of the actors who maximized the character's charm exceeded expectations. The excitement maker's youth actors and acting masters' Tiki Taka are on a new level. “It will give you a different kind of romantic dopamine.”

'My Demon' will premiere on November 24th, following 'Escape of the Seven'.

Kang Min-kyung, Ten Asia reporter translated by google