Shin Hyun-ji "I talk to Dex for 2-3 hours on the phone"
Shin Hyun-ji "I talk to Dex for 2-3 hours on the phone"
Model Hyunji Shin mentioned Dex.

On the 4th, a video was posted on the YouTube channel ‘Do Anything’ with the title ‘Shin Hyun-ji, you should be my younger brother.’

Mirage said, "I don't know if it's soybean paste or ssamjang, but I heard that a female younger brother is coming after that friend, and that a global top model is coming." Model Shin Hyun-ji appeared. Shin Hyun-ji said, “Sister, this place is really strong,” and sat down.

Shin Hyun-ji said, "I was shocked outside. I almost went home." Mirage introduced, "Do you know all the locals? A world-class top model. C company ambassador." Shin Hyun-ji corrected, “I’m not an ambassador, I’m a model.”

Mirage said, "I have a lot in common with Hyeonji. First of all, we are the same height. While working, I am only close to people I am close to, and I don't get to know new people and don't become close friends. We first met at that time on 'Strong Heart'. Just the day before the filming, (Jang) Do-yeon "I had a drink with her. Do-yeon said that the people she was recently friends with were Hyun-ji and Jo Hyun-ah. But the three of us were sitting next to each other. It was so amazing," he explained.
Shin Hyun-ji "I talk to Dex for 2-3 hours on the phone"
Shin Hyun-ji "I talk to Dex for 2-3 hours on the phone"
Miru expressed her affection by saying, "I'm very shy, but during breaks, I talked to my younger brother about life and gave him dating advice, so the filming was long, but what I got was a local younger brother."

Mirage also said, "Something makes my heart feel so majestic. My long-haired brothers. What the public misunderstands is that they think the only acquaintances I have are fat guys. They think Guk-ju, Yun-hwa, and Min-kyung are the only fat guys, but there are brothers like these. I am the advance guard. "Let's go to the club. I won't come to the club on the weekends. He said he would like me to come only on weekdays," he said, making everyone laugh.

Shin Hyun-ji, 27 years old, said, "Models have constant filming, so they have to manage it. For me, 2kg is always a plus or minus. When I start filming, I lose 2kg and gain 2kg with my sisters. It makes a big difference to me." Not only that, Mirage asked, “What famous show has your local brother been on?” Shin Hyun-ji asked, “What luxury brands do you know?”

Mirage said, “I like luxury goods,” and mentioned brand names such as Company C, Company P, and Company G. Shin Hyun-ji surprised people by revealing that she had appeared on the show except for the two brands mentioned by Mirage. Mirage asked, “You also played an active role in ‘Bloody Game 2’. I’m sorry, but are you close with Dex?”

Shin Hyun-ji said, "Dex oppa is one year older than me. When I talk to Dex oppa, he usually spends two to three hours on the phone. So, I have to make up my mind and do it. When I talk on the phone, Tiki Taka works well, so the call doesn't drop. I come home from work at night. “This is what you should do when you have nothing to do.”

Kang Min-kyung, Ten Asia reporter translated by google