Drama 'Kidnapping Day' Yoon Kye-sang faces crisis
Drama 'Kidnapping Day' Yoon Kye-sang faces crisis
Actress Yuna's secret from the drama 'Kidnapping Day' was revealed.

In the 5th episode of ENA's Wednesday-Thursday drama 'Kidnapping Day', which aired on the 27th, the result of brain research carried out by Choi Jin-tae (played by Jeon Kwang-jin) from his father, Ro-hee (played by Yuna), a genius child ranked in the top 0.01%, was depicted. Eun-seon (played by Seo Jae-hee), who could not stop her research to treat her daughter with developmental disabilities, had to protect Ro-hee and her research, so she asked Myung-jun (played by Yoon Kye-sang) to leave Ro-hee.

The place where Myeong-jun and Ro-hee, who fell unconscious, woke up was Director Choi's villa. Eun-seon, who was examining Ro-hee's brain function, was relieved that there was no problem and had a conversation with Myeong-jun. Eun-seon explained what kind of child Ro-hee is and that the research done so far is the hope and expectation of many people. He proposed a beautiful farewell to Ro-hee in exchange for supporting Myung-jun's daughter Hee-ae (Choi Eun-woo).

Sang-yoon (Park Seong-hoon) visited the orphanage where Myeong-jun spent his childhood. Meanwhile, I learned that Myung-jun and Hye-eun (Kim Shin-rok) met for the first time there. I also met a nurse who worked at the hospital where a medical accident occurred during Cheorwon's (Kim Sang-ho) wife's surgery 30 years ago. He confessed that at the time, an unlicensed doctor, not Director Choi Dong-eok (played by Kim Seong-gon), performed the surgery on his behalf, and that Director Choi's daughter was injured by a knife wielded by Cheol-won.

Sang-yoon and Jeong-man (played by Jeong Soon-won) were puzzled. At the time, Choi Dong-eok's only child was his son Choi Jin-tae (played by Jeon Gwang-jin), and it was not easy to understand that Cheorwon immediately agreed to it just for that reason. I met Cheorwon and asked him about his past, but he turned away indifferently, as if he didn't want to think about it anymore. The nurse I met earlier came to see Sang-yoon again. There was a secret that could not be told. The knife that Cheorwon wielded in the past was not just a weapon, but a bloody scalpel found in the room of an AIDS patient. What was even more shocking was the fact that Director Choi's daughter, who was injured with a knife at the time, was Hye-eun.

Rohee, who was about to break up with Myeongjun, came up with a clue that would reveal the truth about the murder case. I was suspicious of the police because I remembered seeing a car with a siren sounding in front of my house, but this time, a vivid memory of a yellow light flashed through my mind and I became convinced that Cheorwon, an employee of a security company who was managing the CCTV, was the culprit. Myeongjun urged them to go out together and report it to the police, but that was realistically impossible. Ro-hee informed Myeong-jun of the broken sign on National Highway 391 as the meeting place and told them to meet on their own, no matter what variables arise.

At the end of the broadcast, Myung-jun boarded a smuggling ship with Ho-young (Kim Dong-won). As Ro-hee instructed, he gave the captain a bag of money and asked him to make him disappear, but black shadows appeared behind Myeong-jun and swooped in, causing him to lose consciousness. At that time, Rohee ran away from the villa to avoid Eunseon's surveillance and ran blindly into the night. Just then, a car stopped and a new character named Jayden (Kang Young-seok) appeared. His eerie smile and greeting, “It’s been a while, Rohee?” marked the ending of ‘Breathtaking’ and heightened the tension.

Meanwhile, episode 6 of ENA's Wednesday-Thursday drama 'Kidnapping Day' will be broadcast at 9 pm today (28th).

Reporter Ha-neul Lee, Ten Asia greenworld@tenasia.co.kr
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