'Steel Unit 3' US Special Forces, all eliminated, 'humiliation'...
UDT Yuk Jun-seo is seen in HID Kang Min-ho.
UDT Yuk Jun-seo is seen in HID Kang Min-ho.
Is this the birth of the second Yuk Jun-seo? HID Kang Min-ho showed off his presence by showing off his handsome appearance and extraordinary skills.

In the second episode of Channel A/ENA's entertainment show 'Steel Unit 3', which aired on the 26th, the selection contest for the strongest member continued from last week.

At the opening of the day, Kim Hee-chul was selected by HID's Kang Min-ho as the first topic of conversation and said, "He is monopolizing the love of mothers." Previously, Kang Min-ho captured attention with his Hong Kong movie star-like appearance and physique.

HID's performance, including Kang Min-ho, was also impressive. In a 2v2 trench fight, all 4 people survived along with the UDT. Despite the difference in weight class, he showed himself as a strategist by using strategies to tie down his opponents. On the other hand, the sturdy U.S. special forces suffered the humiliation of being eliminated.

The second round of Choi Kang Daewon was a battle of individual obstacles, and attracted attention with five levels of obstacles that were more powerful than last season, such as crawling underwater with a tire, jumping over an 8m loop obstacle, and walking an 11m tightrope.

The members who sortied in Group 1 were UDU Kim Hyun-young, UDT Lee Han-jun, Special Forces Agent Park Moon-ho, and HID Kang Min-ho. Kang Min-ho took the lead from the start and impressed people by showing off his diving technique from the first backward crawl. Then, in the second stage, the rope was shown climbing up the vertical line near the most stable pillar.
UDT Yuk Jun-seo is seen in HID Kang Min-ho.
UDT Yuk Jun-seo is seen in HID Kang Min-ho.
Kang Min-ho, who maintained first place until the fourth stage, took sufficient rest and caught his breath before the tightrope walk. Kang Min-ho said, “I made sure to rest until I recovered to the point where I could climb up in one go. “Once the rope falls, you can’t go up,” he explained.

The other members stopped or fell in the middle due to depletion of stamina, but Kang Min-ho climbed to the top in one go and advanced to the third round as first place in Group 1.

In Group 2, there was a battle between HID and UDT. In a situation where there were two contestants each, HID Lee Dong-gyu took first place, but he let his guard down before the tightrope walk, missed first place, and was eliminated in third place. Accordingly, HID and UDT had one person each survive and advance to the third round. In Group 3, HID Go Ya-yung came in third in the tightrope walk, but achieved a comeback victory by walking the tightrope in one go.

Accordingly, three of the six operators who advanced to the third round are HIDs. Among the two UDT members, one member withdrew due to a sprained ankle, increasing the likelihood that HID would be selected as the strongest member. The third round mission was a hostage convoy shooting, and all five members showed confidence in their shooting, raising questions about who would be the final strongest member.

Taeyuna, Ten Asia Reporter youyou@tenasia.co.kr translated by google