‘The strongest baseball team’ has no players released this season
‘The strongest baseball team’ has no players released this season
The Strongest Monsters won a fierce battle with Dongguk University until the end and succeeded in preventing the occurrence of discharges this season.

In the 59th episode of JTBC's entertainment program 'The Strongest Baseball', which aired on the 25th, the results of the final match for the release of the strongest monsters and the fourth intuition match of the season were revealed.

The Strongest Monsters won 11 to 7 in a close match against Dongguk University in the second game. The strongest Monsters, who achieved a winning percentage of 70% with 14 wins and 6 losses in 20 matches, were able to go together without a release until the end of this season.

The MVP award on this day went to Captain Park Yong-taek, who performed well with 2 hits and 3 RBIs in 4 at-bats. However, Park Yong-taek gave up the MVP award to Kim Mun-ho, who performed outstandingly in this game, creating a warm atmosphere. General manager Jang Si-won also gave MVP honors to Shin Jae-young, who came to the mound at a time of crisis and saved the team. Everyone was happy that they could all go to the final game of the season together.

The first opponent of the strongest Monsters, who entered Stage 3 this season, is the U-18 national baseball team. The youth national team is the only team to be swept by last year's powerhouse Monsters. The strongest Monsters faced the youth national team in their fourth straight game this season.

The fourth intuition match this season also boasted enormous popularity. All tickets were sold out as soon as ticket sales opened, and the number of concurrent users reached 200,000. The 16,000 spectators who filled the stadium gave enthusiastic cheers and support to the biggest match of the season.

For this intuition match, singer Insooni appeared as a singer of the national anthem. Insooni is such a big fan of ‘Best Baseball’ that he even watched the third straight game last time. Insooni, who experienced a touching game at the time, gave everyone goosebumps by singing the legendary national anthem accompanied by a chorus.

In addition, Girl's Day's Mina, On Joo-wan, Lee Hee-jun, and Lee Hye-jung and their husbands also visited the stadium and cheered for the Strongest Monsters. Kim Moon-ho's wife, Seong Min-jung, also sent enthusiastic support.

The starting pitcher for the fourth straight game was Shin Jae-young, and coach Kim Seong-geun was strong from the beginning against the youth national team. This is because there are many good pitchers in the youth national team, so it is difficult to expect many points, so you have to fight with all your might from the beginning.

Shin Jae-young looked nervous in the big match, and the bats of youth national team batters hit his ball fiercely. However, they were blocked by the crazy defense of ‘defense fairy’ Lee Dae-ho. The youth national team was not to be outdone either, with super high school level pitcher Hwang Jun-seo taking the lead and thoroughly sealing the bats of the strongest Monsters hitters.

Both teams showed great offense and defense with no time to breathe, maintaining a tight balance of power from the beginning of the game. Attention is being paid to which team will take the lead first, the Strongest Monsters or the youth national team, and whether the Strongest Monsters will be able to repay the passionate love of the audience that filled the stadium with a victory this time.

The 60th episode of ‘Best Baseball’ will be broadcast at 10:30 pm on October 2nd.

Taeyuna, Ten Asia Reporter youyou@tenasia.co.kr translated by google