Hwang Jung-eum, who strangled her own daughter, caught in a secret transaction
Hwang Jung-eum, who strangled her own daughter, caught in a secret transaction
What will be the consequences of fake news that destroyed a girl's life?

On the 22nd, ahead of the 3rd episode of SBS' Friday-Saturday drama 'Escape of the Seven', Bang Dami (played by Jeong Ra-el), who became a victim of cruel 'fake news', predicted a frontal breakthrough. It heightens the tension as to what the villains, who can do anything to get what they want, will plan to counter the counterattack.

In the last broadcast, the 'Bangul Incident', the beginning of all tragedies, was depicted. Han Mo-ne (played by Lee Yoo-bi), whose future she had dreamed of for so long was hit with a brake, asked Yang Jin-mo (played by Yoon Jong-hoon) for help. He wants to change the main character of the rumors surrounding him to only 'Bang Dami'. Bang Dami became the target of the ‘Scarlet Letter’ and became the ‘art studio woman’ overnight. Bang Dami collapsed miserably in a cruel reality that had nothing to do with the truth. The wicked ignored the truth for their own desires and to cover up ugly secrets. As curiosity focused on the fate of Bang Dami, who was caught up in fake news, the mysterious gunshot sound and the bell hat placed next to the blood stain heightened the sense of crisis.

The released photo raises curiosity about ‘that day’ when gunshots were heard. First, the bloody face of Geum Ra-hee (played by Hwang Jeong-eum), who is with the main culprit of fake news, 'The Scarlet Letter', is shocking. It also makes one wonder what kind of conspiracy they are plotting and the reason for their mysterious meeting.

Meanwhile, Bang Dami, who set out to reveal the truth, was also captured. Bang Dami looks like she's about to collapse at any moment. But his eyes are unwavering. The anxious faces of the villains among the crowd of people are interesting. Han Mo-ne who is worried that her ugly secret will be revealed, Cha Joo-ran (played by Shin Eun-kyung) with her face covered, Yang Jin-mo who is causing an earthquake in her pupils, and Go Myeong-ji (played by Jo Yoon-hee) who is overcome with anxiety. The evildoers who contributed to the tragedy of the 'Bangul-i Incident' are gathered in one place, attracting attention. The earnest eyes of Bang Da-mi's adoptive mother, Park Nan-young (played by Seo Young-hee), who look pitifully at her struggles make her even more curious about his fate.

In episode 3, which airs today (22nd), fake news becomes even more cruel. The production team of ‘Escape of the Seven’ said, “Bang Dami’s lonely and desperate struggle to reveal the truth begins. “Please pay attention to the consequences of the villains’ choices to escape the crisis and the actions of those who face Bang Dami’s counterattack,” he said. “Please watch and see what choice Bang Dami, who has been caught up in countless lies and selfishness, will make.”

Episode 3 of ‘Escape of the Seven’ will be aired today (22nd) at 10 PM.

Taeyuna, Ten Asia Reporter youyou@tenasia.co.kr translated by google