Hyewon Lee and Ahn Jung-hwan become MCs for the first time on a broadcast
Hyewon Lee and Ahn Jung-hwan become MCs for the first time on a broadcast
Former soccer player Ahn Jung-hwan and his wife Lee Hye-won will be the first married couple MCs on a broadcast show.

On the 22nd, Channel A's new entertainment program 'Living in Someone Else's Country - Family Beyond the Line' will be broadcast for the first time. ‘Family Beyond the Line’ is an entertainment show where international families living in various countries watch and talk about K-Life photos sent directly to them.

Ahead of the first broadcast, the production team of 'Family Beyond the Line' revealed three points to watch to make the broadcast more enjoyable.

Ahn Jung-hwan ♥ Lee Hye-won, the first married couple to appear as MCs on TV

The real chemistry of Ahn Jung-hwan and Lee Hye-won, who have lived across the line in various countries such as Italy, France, Germany, Japan, and China since the beginning of their marriage and gained diverse experiences, will be revealed in 'Family Over the Line'. It was predicted to be a talk that crossed the line that only a married couple who had been married for 23 years could give, which was not seen anywhere else.

The chemistry between Yoo Se-yoon, Song Jin-woo, and Lee Ji-hoon crossed the line

Yoo Se-yoon, a traveler who crosses the border all over the world, Song Jin-woo, who married a Japanese wife who crossed the line and became the father of two children, and Lee Ji-hoon, who overcame a 14-year age gap to marry his Japanese wife. You can get a glimpse of the explosive chemistry that only married men have in the realistic marriage life talk of those who gathered under the common ground of "crossing the line."

Sweet and salty K-Life delivered directly by international families

'Family Over the Line' differs from existing observational entertainment programs in that international families living overseas take videos and send them directly using self-cams. The daily lives of international families living overseas, as well as the K-life hidden within it. The video taken from their perspective creates a more vivid sense of reality, raising expectations.

Kang Min-kyung, Ten Asia reporter kkk39@tenasia.co.kr translated by google