'Moving' Lee Ho-jung, licorice role talk talk
'Moving' Lee Ho-jung, licorice role talk talk
Actor Lee Ho-jung joined 'Moving' and made his special presence known.

Lee Ho-jung played the role of Yang Se-eun, the daughter of Na-ju (Kim Kook-hee), a former Black agent, in the 16th episode of Disney+'s original series 'Moving', which was released on the 13th.

In this episode, Se-eun, who caught everyone's attention with her overwhelming physical ability, continued her school life by training as a special physical education student with the encouragement of her homeroom teacher Yu-won (played by Kim Hee-won) during her school days, but there is a past story that she passed away due to a sudden illness. When it was revealed, it came as a surprise to viewers.

Ho-Jeong Lee appropriately portrayed various emotions to express Se-Eun's narrative even within the rapid pace. Lee Ho-jung, who played the character with natural actions and a unique atmosphere, not only showed the appearance of a deep-hearted student expressing gratitude to his teacher, but also exuded a certain mystery as the child of Agent Black, increasing immersion.

In particular, Se-eun's appearance added strength to the process of connecting the past and present stories of 'Moving' as it reached its climax, providing a variety of fun.

Meanwhile, Lee Ho-jung will also meet global fans through the Netflix series 'Thief: The Sound of the Sword', which is scheduled to be released on the 22nd. Lee Ho-jung, who returns in 'Thief: The Sound of the Knife' as Eon-nyeon, an excellent gunman willing to do anything for money, is expected to transform into a powerful appearance that has never been seen before.

The previously released trailer for 'Thief: The Sound of the Knife' alone predicts Lee Ho-jung's 180-degree different charm from 'Moving', raising expectations for Lee Ho-jung's acting career, which will be active in various genres.

Ryu Yae-ji, Ten Asia Reporter ryuperstar@tenasia.co.kr translated by google