Hwasa had a tattoo on her face
Hwasa had a tattoo on her face
Hwasa reveals the reason why she joined hands with Psy. Expectations are high as he will also reveal the story of signing the contract in front of the audience of Psy's 'Soaked Show'.

MBC's entertainment show 'Radio Star', which will be broadcast on the 6th, will feature a special feature called '2023 Las Music Camp' featuring Koyote Kim Jong-min, Baekga, John Park, Hwasa, and Hong Seong-min. Solbi will be the special MC.

Hwasa will release her new digital single 'I Love My Body' at 6 PM on this day and begin her solo career in earnest. This single is Hwasa's first solo song in two years and her first new song since joining P NATION led by Psy.

Hwasa reveals that the crucial reason she joined hands with Psy was because of the song 'I Love My Body' that Psy sent her before signing the contract. “I’m being criticized (seeing the song title), so what am I doing? “I burst out laughing while doing it,” he said, adding that he fell in love with the charm of the song that changed his dark heart into a cheerful one. Hwasa reveals the behind-the-scenes story of how she postponed reviewing the contract due to her slow personality and ended up signing it in front of the audience on the 'Soaked Show' stage.

While he aroused curiosity by revealing that the number one condition of P-Nation's contract was 'this', he drew cheers by revealing the choreography for the new song 'I Love My Body' in which Psy was involved for the first time, saying, "Psy's oppa is very strict when it comes to choreography." .

Hwasa chose the collaboration stage with Park Jin-young as the stage she was most nervous about in her life, adding to the excitement by confessing behind the scenes, saying, “I even received a call after rehearsal.” To Hwasa's story, special MC Solbi aroused curiosity by adding an episode in which she practiced her vocalization in front of Park Jin-young, saying, "I got hit too."

Hwasa mentions that she is a close friend of Lee Hyo-ri who goes beyond the age gap, and gives a warm feeling by respecting her as “a great person who gives me motivation.” On the other hand, curiosity is heightened by revealing that there was a stage where unprecedented skinship exploded, saying, “I just got hit on the butt.”

Hwasa, who boasts 'crazy fashion digestion power', chooses the 'sausage look' worn during the German tour as the 'fitting' outfit that suits her best. When asked about the disadvantages of the sausage look, he responded, “Sometimes I get hit when I go to the bathroom,” arousing curiosity. On the other hand, it was surprising to learn that the trademark mole on the left side of the face was a shop-born tattoo made while a trainee.

The crucial reason why Hwasa joined hands with Psy and the choreography for the new song 'I Love My Body' can be seen on 'Radio Star' broadcast today.

Taeyuna, Ten Asia Reporter youyou@tenasia.co.kr translated by google