Song Ji-hyo showed a rejection reaction with her whole body
Song Ji-hyo showed a rejection reaction with her whole body
Song Ji-hyo and Kang Hoon become the ‘cowardly siblings.’

SBS' 'Running Man', which airs on the 3rd, depicts the mission struggles of Song Ji-hyo and Kang Hoon, who became 'cowardly siblings'.

In the episode of 'A Midsummer Night's Detective' that aired last week, a mission to find the mafia using only the sense of touch was revealed. Viewers who saw this showed reactions online, such as 'Kang Hoon's reaction is a definite entertainment character', 'I'm really looking forward to Song Ji-hyo's reaction', and 'The tactile Liar game is refreshing'. In this week's broadcast, the members overcome their fears and focus on catching the mafia.

When a new mystery box appeared, the members could not hide their tension. Running Man's 'Representative Coward' Song Ji-hyo and 'Rookie Coward' Kang Hoon appeared on the show at the same time, attracting attention. Song Ji-hyo, who had previously shown tears in front of the mystery box, showed a rejection reaction even before she felt the touch, and as soon as she grabbed the object, she showed a dark appearance by pouring out a storm of arrogant smoke, turning the scene upside down.

Kang Hoon also showed a very scared appearance. This time, he declared war, saying, “I’m going to go like a hero!” but he screamed at the unexpected touch. Haha, seeing this, stuck out his tongue, saying, “He’s a coward that even I know... (Kang Hoon) is a famous coward.” Kang Hoon then declared to give up the game, saying, “I really can’t do it, so what should I do?”

The identity of the object that made 'Cowardly Siblings' Song Ji-hyo and Kang Hoon so confused can be found out on 'Running Man', which airs at 6:15 pm on the 3rd.

Kim Ji-won, Ten Asia reporter translated by google