2PM Nichkhun says “Mom should never see my Hollywood entry”
2PM Nichkhun says “Mom should never see my Hollywood entry”
Group 2PM member and actor Nichkhun revealed his current status.

On KBS2's 'Hong Kim Dong-jeon' broadcast on August 31, the entire 2PM group, celebrating their 15th debut anniversary, appeared as guests.

On this day's broadcast, Jo Se-ho asked 2PM members about their current status. Among them, Nichkhun replied, "I've been working overseas a lot these days, and I recently appeared in a Hollywood movie."

Jo Se-ho said, “Please tell me what kind of movie it is.” Nichkhun couldn't continue, saying, "It's a love story, but a little bit." Taecyeon Ok said, “There are some scenes that are a bit sensational.” Wooyoung said, “It’s that intense,” and Lee Jun-ho added, “It’s unconventional.”
2PM Nichkhun says “Mom should never see my Hollywood entry”
2PM Nichkhun says “Mom should never see my Hollywood entry”
Joo Woo-jae asked, “Do you want to take off your clothes?” Wooyoung replied, "It's more about whether or not he took off his clothes," and Taecyeon surprised him by saying, "It's not at that level." At this time, Nichkhun's ears turned red, attracting attention. Ok Taecyeon emphasized, “I’m surprised. Be sure to look for it.”

The Hollywood movie in which Nichkhun appeared is 'The Modelizer', a romantic comedy set in Hong Kong. It is the story of Sean, a young Hong Kong rich man, who discovers the true meaning of love when he meets Camilla, a model with completely opposite values.

Nichkhun explained, "Usually when I film a movie, I want my mom to see it. But while I was recording the first scene, I told her that I would never let her see this."

Jo Se-ho also asked, "Aren't you often misunderstood? He is a prince of Thailand." Joo Woo-jae said, “There is a palace.” Ok Taecyeon said, “There is a palace.” Hong Jin-kyung said, “I heard he was rich.” To this, Nichkhun said, "No, that's not it. That's a nickname."

Kim Sook asked, “Can I go to your house to play? Can I go to Thailand’s house?” Lee Jun-ho said, “I’m going to visit Thailand’s house.” Ok Taecyeon surprised people by saying, “A tiger lives.” Hong Jin-kyung said, “Then let’s go home to Thailand.” Hwang Chan-seong said, "Hyung, be careful. If you don't speak well here, I'll put a stamp on you."

Kang Min-kyung, Ten Asia reporter kkk39@tenasia.co.kr translated by google