Shin Se-kyung beat Shin Min-ah and IU
Shin Se-kyung beat Shin Min-ah and IU
The breathtaking psychological warfare of the members of '2 Days & 1 Night' was unfolded to get rid of the knife.

In the KBS 2TV variety show '1 Night 2 Days Season 4' ('1 Night 2 Days') 'My Cultural Heritage Buying Meal', which aired on the 27th, the six men's close match for work day was revealed. The viewership rating was 8.1%, ranking first in the same time slot. At the end of the broadcast, six men gathered at the final place to get off work, and the scene where DinDin and Nainwoo were decided as the finalists, soared to the highest rating of 13% per minute.

On this day's broadcast, the winners of the bingo game, the 'Bob Ansa' (team that doesn't eat well) and the losers, the 'Bab Ansa' (team that doesn't eat rice) gather at Gwangjang Market and chatter about their representative menus, stimulating the salivary glands from the start. did. The Bab Ansa team just watched the Bap Zalsa team enjoying a mouthful of dinner, and with expressions full of regret, they said, “We want to eat too,” and provoked a salty feeling.

Thanks to the squeeze, another bingo mission was granted to the loser team, the Bab Ansa team. If you write the name of a country on a 3X3 bingo board and meet a foreigner from that country, you will get a bingo box. They were given a last chance to receive 10,000 won when one line was completed, and to use the money to buy food at Gwangjang Market.
Shin Se-kyung beat Shin Min-ah and IU
Shin Se-kyung beat Shin Min-ah and IU
Yeon Jung-hoon, Kim Jong-min, and Yoo Seon-ho, holding the bingo board written by the winning team, embarked on a full-fledged mission, and Yeon Jung-hoon, a student studying abroad, showed off his English skills without hesitation. The youngest team leader Yoo Seon-ho also spoke English to foreign tourists with a flowery smile. Kim Jong-min, who met an overseas fan who came to Korea to see Seventeen's performance, smiled happily when he recognized that he was a member of 'Koyote'.

The BabAnsa team completed 3 rows of bingo boards with 2 minutes left, winning 30,000 won. Those who flexed their food returned with both hands full, and they enjoyed tteoktusunun, bindaetteok, and japchae, not envious of the winning team. Lastly, the image of the youngest team leader Yoo Seon-ho making a cool payment to the winning team evoked a sense of pride.

The six men, who then arrived at a hidden attraction where Seoul's major landmarks were visible, suddenly started the same day's work mission. The first mission is 'Knee Ssireum', a game in which three people hang balloons on their knees and pop each other's balloons. Moon Se-yoon and Na In-woo had a face-to-face confrontation after a long time, and Moon Se-yoon had a fierce confrontation to avenge the last insult. However, due to over-motivation, both of them fell to the floor, causing the balloons to burst and self-destruct. As a result, Kim Jong-min, who was still, won the victory with fisherman's geography, and the scene became a sea of laughter at unexpected results.

Yeon Jung-hoon, who was full of competitive spirit, was decided as the first person to leave work, and he went home from work with a light heart. Seeing this, the rest of the members burned their will to leave work even more. In the second mission, those who held the ideal World Cup felt happy and excited. Shin Se-kyung was selected as the final ideal type of '1 Night 2 Days', beating out Lee Hyo-ri, Han Ji-min, Son Ye-jin, and IU. However, the real mission was to be the first to succeed in the phone call with the final ideal type, and all of them failed. Later, in the Men's Role Model World Cup, the members chose Baekga and Moon Se-yoon confirmed to leave work.

Among the six men who went through various work missions, Yeon Jeong-hoon, Moon Se-yoon, and Dindin were able to leave work on the same day after a fierce battle. However, after they left, the production team told Kim Jong-min, Na In-woo, and Yoo Seon-ho the surprising fact that the work they had just left was a fake. Satisfied with the production team's words, Na In-woo and Yoo Seon-ho approached DinDin, and DinDin struggled to decide which of the two to choose.

When Na In-woo arrived at Din-Din first, Din-Din called Yoo Seon-Ho to wait. DinDin, who did not believe Yoo Seon-ho's words that he had taken the wrong road, eventually got into Na In-woo's car, and the two members arrived at the final destination first and cheered as the last steamed-up people.

Reporter Tae Yuna, Ten Asia translated by google