"I will neither avoid nor hide" Lee Dong-wook's big picture, will it succeed in the end game?
"I will neither avoid nor hide" Lee Dong-wook's big picture, will it succeed in the end game?
Lee Dong-wook's big picture has been revealed.

In the 9th episode of tvN's Saturday and Sunday drama 'Tale of a Gumiho 1938', which aired on the 3rd, Lee Yeon (Lee Dong-wook)'s full-scale hunting was depicted. The 9th episode recorded an average of 6.2% and a maximum of 7.2% for households in the metropolitan area, and an average of 5.0% and a maximum of 6.2% for households nationwide. In terms of viewer ratings for men and women 2049, which is the target of tvN, it continued to respond positively, ranking first in the same time slot including cable and comprehensive channels, with an average of 2.2% and a maximum of 2.4% in the metropolitan area and a national average of 2.3% and a maximum of 2.6%. (Based on Nielsen Korea paid platform)

On this day, Lee Yeon met Ryu Hong-joo (played by Kim So-yeon) and Cheon Moo-yeong (played by Ryu Kyung-soo) and told them to come to the Bando Hotel if they wanted treasure. He also declared war that he would neither evade nor hide, and would not let anyone stand in his way. Ryu Hong-ju made a close deal with Gato Ryuhei (played by Ha Do-kwon), the head of the police department of the Japanese Government-General of Korea, to get the treasure. I'll bring you the treasure, so don't touch Myoyungak. Of course, this was a lie, and it was just a means to buy time. Noticing this, Kato Ryuhei ordered the Shinigami Mercenary Corps to steal the treasure from Yiyeon.

The Bando Hotel, the place of the decisive battle, was crowded with people. Ryu Hong-ju and Chun Moo-young also followed Lee Yeon with their own goals. After that, the Shinigami Mercenary Corps followed. Lee Yeon, who confirmed that all those who were targeting him had gathered, started the operation. His only goal was the Shinigami Mercenary Corps. Although Ryu Hong-ju and Cheon Moo-yeong were aiming for treasure, they planned to use it well to overturn the game with a fight between the Japanese mercenaries and the mountain gods of Joseon. If so, he had to lure Ryu Hong-ju and Chun Moo-young to where he was. After the sun went down, Lee Yeon headed to Room 404, where the Japanese mercenaries were staying, followed by Ryu Hong-ju and Cheon Moo-young, who had heard from Lee Rang that Lee Yeon was looking for them.

Of course, there were also variables. Ryu Hong-ju took advantage of Lee Yeon and Cheon Moo-young's fight to devise a way to steal the treasure, and Cheon Moo-young called a yaksha who was hungry for people to the Bando Hotel and made it a big fight. Without knowing this fact, the three friends, who entered the virtual space created by the Japanese monster, started a relentless fight to claim the treasure. And the thick fog in front of them was unusual. The unusual appearance of Ushiuchibo (played by Jeong Jae-won) of the Japanese mercenary team heightened the sense of crisis and made us look forward to the upcoming confrontation.

Lee Rang (played by Kim Bum) made plans for the future with Jang Yeo-hee (played by Woo Hyun-jin). He went to the sea to comfort Jang Yeo-hee, who was sad after failing in a singer contest. Then, he confessed to Jang Yeo-hee that he had something he wanted to protect for the first time in this war-like land, and that he would try to find out about something other than the bandits when the work was all over. Rang, who followed Lee Yeon to the hotel, decided to help with what she could without risk. But an unexpected crisis came. Jang Yeo-hee visited the Bando Hotel to save Lee Rang, who was in danger, and the hotel became an abyss with the yakcha brought by Chun Moo-young. In the midst of it, Lee Rang and Jang Yeo-hee met fortunately, but the tension increased as to whether they would be safe.

Lee Yeon and Chun Moo-young pledged to do their best to fight on the path they each chose. However, Chun Moo-young could not erase his bitter heart. Seeing Chun Moo-young like this, his older brother drew a line not to be shaken. Furthermore, his claim that the Undressing Clan (played by Kim Jeong-nan) tried to exterminate them to prevent the growing power of the tiger clan is suspicious. Attention is also focused on the identity of the older brother who confuses Chun Moo-young with his dubious behavior.

Reporter Kang Min-kyung, Ten Asia kkk39@tenasia.co.kr translated by google