Kim Soo-mi Korean restaurant, a major accident from the first day of business
Kim Soo-mi Korean restaurant, a major accident from the first day of business
Su-mi Kim, a leader in K-food, opens the business of 'Su-mi Korean Restaurant'.

On the first broadcast of T-Cast E channel on the 24th, ‘Excuse Sumi: Catch Me Now’ (hereinafter referred to as ‘Catch Me Now’), CEO Soo-mi Kim and ‘Commander of the Kitchen’ Hyo-rim Seo demonstrate leadership to control the employees and make the first trembling first. start business

Kim Soo-mi's dream of promoting Korean food to the world at a Korean restaurant finally opens, and the staff work in their respective positions one by one. In particular, Seo Hyo-rim shows off the charisma of 'Little Kim Soo-mi' by leading the staff in the kitchen while Kim Soo-mi responds to the guests. Even Jeong-hyeok, the youngest member of the high-tension that never goes out, freezes at Seo Hyo-rim’s one word, “What are you doing right now?”

As the promised time for delivery draws near, Eric Nam, who was suffering from interpreter pressure from Kim Soo-mi, accidentally spills side dishes airlifted from Korea, creating an unusual atmosphere in the kitchen. If Kim Soo-mi sees this, a tremendous blue is expected that even Seo Hyo-rim cannot stop. Indeed, attention is focused on how Eric Nam, who was restless saying, “I almost peed,” will overcome this difficulty.

The anti-war charm of Min Woo-hyuk, who has a soft smile that calms down the tiger-like Kim Soo-mi, is also attracting attention. When Soo-mi Kim ran away from the rush of work under the pretext of menstruation, saying, “I’m going to get an X,” the trustworthy eldest brother’s face showed the collapse of his mentality. Min Woo-hyeok and his younger siblings, who have lost their manager, are looking forward to the opening of 'Sumi Korean Restaurant' to see if they can finish their business safely.

The scenery of the first day of operation of 'Sumi Korean Restaurant', which will be managed by Korean food master Kim Soo-mi and 'Brand New Family' Min Woo-hyuk, Seo Hyo-rim, Eric Nam, and Jeong Hyuk, can be seen in 'Excuse Sumi: Let's Get It First', which is broadcasted at 8:40 pm on the same day. can

Reporter Tae Yuna, Ten Asia
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