Mosaic treatment of Jeon Hyun-moo's shocking remarks
Mosaic treatment of Jeon Hyun-moo's shocking remarks
Jeon Hyun-moo, who leads the TV Chosun entertainment show 'Chosun Sports Association', along with the special members of 'Moo-line', presents an unpredictable 'interview' and blazing enthusiasm for cheering.

In the 4th episode of 'Chosun Sports Festival', which will be broadcast on the 25th, existing member Jeon Hyun-moo, self-proclaimed 'no line' Heo Jae, and Kim Byung-hyun, basketball legend Ki-beom Han, baseball star from Geopo Caster Kim Jeong-geun, who is a strong supporter of Kim Tae-gyun and Lee Chun-soo, and also a soccer broadcaster, joins them.

Heo Jae invites senior Han Ki-bum, saying, “I will call someone who is slower and uglier than me.” Kim Jeong-geun, who handed over the microphone to Caster Jo Woo-jong in the match against El Salvador, chooses to join the 'hope house'.

Somehow, with the exception of caster Kim Jeong-geun, all of them were from baseball or basketball, and while the formula of 'no line = sportsperson' was established, Ki-beom Han showed extraordinary interest, saying, "To enter the line, what kind of procedure is there?" .

At the scene, Jeon Hyun-moo, who was the standard announcer, made a shocking statement that required 'mosaic treatment', as well as Kim Jung-geun's angry comments for giving up his caster job, and the clamor of 'room directors', which devastated the pub.

'Joseon Sports Association' is broadcast every Friday at 10 PM.

Reporter Tae Yuna, Ten Asia translated by google