Seo Dong-joo "Seo Se-won's funeral overlap was difficult"
Seo Dong-joo "Seo Se-won's funeral overlap was difficult"
Seo Dong-ju mentioned his father, Seo Se-won.

On MBC Every1's 'I'm Angry Now', which aired on the 22nd, Seo Dong-joo mentioned his father, Seo Se-won.

On this day's broadcast, Seo Dong-ju said, "I used to show off a lot in my expression. Now, my energy has gone down and I've lost my trembling energy. When things really go wrong, I bring paper and a pen and say it while organizing it."

Seo Dong-joo was furious at the fake news. Previously, rumors of the death of Seo Dong-ju's mother, Seo Jung-hee, also surfaced. Seo Dong-ju said, "I was angry at the fake news about my mother's death." The late Seo Se-won started a new family after divorcing Yoon Jeong-hee and moved to Cambodia. Then he passed away in Cambodia.

At Seo Se-won's funeral held locally, there was also a story that Seo Jung-hee was kicked out. In this regard, Seo Dong-ju explained, "At the time, my mother went back and forth to the hospital because of her health, so I solved the problem as a representative. I have never been there, so I cannot be kicked out." Seo Jeong-hee is currently fighting cancer.
Seo Dong-joo "Seo Se-won's funeral overlap was difficult"
Seo Dong-joo "Seo Se-won's funeral overlap was difficult"
Seo Dong-ju mentioned the news of Seo Se-won's death. He said, "I was taking a walk when I first heard the news. While I was taking a walk, a reporter I knew suddenly called me. He said, 'Are you okay, Dong-joo?' I got a call from him. They said, 'It seems to be real.' He hung up on the plane that day and went to Cambodia the next day."

Seo Dong-joo confessed, "Actually, I haven't been in touch with my father, so of course it's been 9-10 years since I've seen him. Still, I went with one mind to protect my father's last days." "The first thing I saw was the face after he passed away. I can't say anything about it because I don't live there, but the situation was really poor. It is said that the body was enshrined in the temple, but the weather was hot and muggy and there was a lot of garbage. The bodies went in one by one. There was a slight debt in the freezer as well."

Also, "I wondered if life could be so empty. I wanted to be happy with my father, regardless of whether or not he had a good relationship with him. But when I saw him, my heart was torn. I thought that it would have been nice if we had done it, or that it would have been nice if we had shared words. That hurt the most."

Seo Dong-joo said, "As soon as I sent my father, my dog died. As soon as my father's funeral was over, I went to the dog funeral home. I cleaned the puppy, put it on a shroud, and cremated it, but my heart broke once more. "I send it formally and send it with photos in a beautiful place. My father's funeral home overlapped. As a child, I send my puppy so neatly, but it was regrettable that I couldn't do that to my father. But it was difficult because I wasn't able to decide that."

Seo Dong-ju said, "Even now, I hope my father can rest in peace. If I could see how we live, I would like to tell you that no one hates my father anymore." He continued, "At least I do. I hope the viewers don't hate my father. If you read comments on fake news, there are a lot of people who hate my father. Hasn't he already gone? In fact, he's the person he hates the most, but I hope everyone doesn't hate me if I say I don't hate him." said.

Reporter Kang Min-kyung, Ten Asia translated by google