Kang Daniel becomes the No. 1 household stone... Joined 'Salim Nam 2'
Kang Daniel becomes the No. 1 household stone... Joined 'Salim Nam 2'
Singer Daniel Kang joins KBS2's 'Men who live in the house season 2'.

On the 12th, the production team of 'Salim Nam 2' revealed, "Singer Kang Daniel will join 'Salim Nam 2' which will be broadcast on the 24th."

'Salimnam 2' contains the real life stories of star men. In particular, Season 2, which is currently airing, observes and records the big and small things that happen in the family, focusing on the star Salimnam of each generation, in a close-to-life way.

'Salim Nam 2' proved its popularity by climbing to the top of the entertainment show several times on Saturdays, along with a record of being number one in the same time zone for 30 consecutive weeks. The 2049 viewership also broke the record for each episode.

Kang Daniel draws attention by confirming his appearance in 'Salim Nam 2' as the first variety show after his comeback. The production team of 'Salimnam' said, "Starting with Kang Daniel, various household idols will appear in the future." "According to the change in the composition of the performers, not only the framework of family entertainment, but also naturally share the daily life of stars who are cheering and paying attention to 2049, creating a more colorful I will deliver the fun," he said.

Reporter Kang Min-kyung, Ten Asia kkk39@tenasia.co.kr translated by google