Lee Jun-ho is bewitched again... 3rd generation conglomerate in a three-piece suit taking off his dragon robe
Lee Jun-ho is bewitched again... 3rd generation conglomerate in a three-piece suit taking off his dragon robe
Actor Lee Jun-ho takes off his gonryongpo and wears a three-piece suit.

In JTBC's new Saturday and Sunday drama 'King the Land', which premieres on the 17th, Lee Jun-ho plans to show off his charm as the general manager of the King Hotel, Ku-gu, who despises pretentious laughter.

Previously, Lee Jun-ho took on the role of Lee San in the MBC Friday-Saturday drama 'Red Sleeves' and created a craze for Forget Mountain (Lee Jun-ho + Lee San) by expressing not only charisma but also pure affection. In particular, Lee Jun-ho delicately portrayed the emotional lines of a character desperately wanting the love of a woman in the play, making even the hearts of the viewers shudder. With the dignity of the monarch and the aura of Lee Jun-ho added, he received a positive response as the sexiest king of all time.

Curiosity about Lee Jun-ho's next film 'King the Land' is also growing. 'King the Land' foreshadows the new face of Lee Jun-ho, who took off his dragon robe. Gu-gu (played by Lee Jun-ho), a man who despises laughter, and Cheon-rang (played by Im Yoon-ah), a smile queen who must laugh, can really smile brightly at the VVIP lounge Kingdom, a hotelier's dream. It contains the story that makes the day that exists.

Salvation, played by Lee Jun-ho, is the new general manager of the King Hotel, who has everything but a bankbook for housing subscriptions, laughter, and love cells. A person who has lived a long time without dating because of his tremendous my way and harsh personality. Then, as a sudden moment of excitement comes to him, the frozen love cells begin to awaken little by little.

In this way, the various aspects of redemption, which gradually change after meeting true love, will be energized by Lee Jun-ho's passionate performance. Lee Jun-ho, who has been called E-Fox (Lee Jun-ho + Fox) by shaking women's hearts with his friendly tone, is expected to bring excitement to the love challenge of the novice Lover Salvation character.

Lee Jun-ho expressed his deep affection for the character, saying, "I wonder what kind of person Gu-won would be if he actually existed." Lee Jun-ho, who has put his own color on the character through his three-dimensional acting in numerous works, is looking forward to what color he will add to the character of salvation.

Reporter Kang Min-kyung, Ten Asia kkk39@tenasia.co.kr translated by google