Seo Hyo-rim "Mother-in-law Kim Soo-mi is like that" What happened during the partnership?
Seo Hyo-rim "Mother-in-law Kim Soo-mi is like that" What happened during the partnership?
Actress Kim Soo-mi's Korean restaurant shows signs of becoming a jackpot from the first day of operation.

On the first broadcast on the 24th, T-Cast E Channel 'Excuse Sumi: Catch Me First' (hereinafter referred to as 'Catch Me Now') released the first trailer video of Kim Su-mi and the staff's lively first day of business, who opened a Korean restaurant in Guam.

The video, which begins with an elegant greeting from Soo-mi Kim, president of 'Sumi Korean Restaurant', saying, "I opened a Korean restaurant in Guam," continues to the landscape of Guam, which is full of refreshing energy, and catches the eye. While daughter-in-law Hyo-rim Seo, Woo-hyuk Min, Eric Nam, and Hyuk Jeong, who are full of personality, are also united as the 'Brand New Family', Kim Soo-mi calls the employees by the spicy nickname "This Si bel homme" instead of their names and laughs. causes

Kim Soo-mi's spicy taste service is presented equally to all guests regardless of nationality. Even after shouting, "Do you want only expensive ones?" Here, a new menu that stimulates the appetite appears, turning on the green light for Korean restaurant business.

If there is something lacking in those who are perfect in everything, it is the stamina of president Kim Soo-mi. It is also caught laughing at the appearance of leaving the seat for coffee as an excuse to stop grilling meat and running away pretending to go to clean up.

Unlike the employees who panicked at President Soo-mi Kim's vacant seat, saying, "Where have you been, teacher?" The words “I want to go home” come out of the mouths of the employees who are tired of the pouring work from group customers to deliveries. I wonder if Kim Soo-mi and the employees will be able to safely pass the first day of business full of confusion.

Like Soo-mi Kim's assertion, "This is just the beginning," can 'Sumi Korean Restaurant', which has been receiving a great response from the start of business, create a Korean food syndrome throughout Guam? 'Excuse Sumi: Catch Me First' will premiere on the 24th at 8:40 PM KST.

Reporter Tae Yuna, Ten Asia
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