Lee So-jung, shock after marriage "Drink 30 bottles of soju a week"
Lee So-jung, shock after marriage "Drink 30 bottles of soju a week"
The shocking current situation of actress Lee So-jung is revealed after 7 years.

MBC's 'Oh Eun-young Report - Marriage Hell', which airs today (21st), features a 'cliff couple' who are said to be standing on the edge of a cliff due to frequent drinking and infidelity. His wife is talent Lee So-jeong, and she has appeared in various CFs as well as MBC's 'High Kick Through the Roof' and 'All Things Happening', drawing attention. In response to So-Jin Yoo's question about the couple's marriage story, his wife, So-Jung Lee, revealed, "I got to know my husband in a stock chat room, promised to marry him on the second meeting, and registered our marriage in two months."

The husband confesses his concerns, saying, “My wife likes alcohol so much that she drinks more than 30 bottles a week.” The wife also aroused curiosity by revealing, "Life has changed so much after marriage, and all problems have arisen since meeting my husband."

In the daily observation video, the daily life of a couple who runs a small Japanese restaurant is depicted. The monotonous daily life is short-lived, and the wife can't stand it even while working and surprises everyone by drinking beer in her spare time. In response, the wife explains the reason for drinking, saying, “I need beer to finish my work quickly.” The wife's drinking continues even after the store closes. Not only at the restaurant she went to for a late meal, but even right before going to bed, she drank a lot of alcohol. The husband said, “I tried to stop my wife from drinking, but it didn’t work. At some point, I gave up.”

My wife's drinking habits also had a great impact on her health. The husband confesses, “Three months ago, my wife got drunk and fell in the bathroom and crushed her shoulder blade.” Then, he shocks everyone by revealing, “My wife was afraid of anesthesia during the surgery, so she brought me alcohol in a bottle of barley tea.” In response, Dr. Oh Eun-young expressed regret by saying, "Alcohol is 100 times more scary." Then, the wife drew attention by revealing that she had had 6 seizures since the year before last.

A regular customer who applied for a couple's story to 'Oh Eun-young Report - Marriage Hell' visits the store. He confesses that he sent a story to his wife who said, “Please help,” after being close to the couple. When asked by a guest why she decided to get married in a hurry, the wife draws attention by saying, "I got married to escape my mother." Then, the wife confesses her sad past, saying, “After my parents divorced, I was beaten a lot by my mother because I resembled my father.” In addition, he reveals that he has been asked to pay child support of about 290 million won for marrying his mother against it.

That evening, in a conversation with her husband, the wife complains about her difficult past, to the extent that she thinks, “I want to get hit by a car and die.” However, the husband said, “I want to live like a human being. We are like animals right now,” he said, unable to sympathize with his wife’s feelings at all. The wife sheds tears over repeated meaningless conversations. The husband even urged the wife, saying, “Is this a stage of friendship, why are you crying like this?” Seeing this, Park Ji-min is embarrassed, saying, “The depth of the conversation is different” and “The temperature difference is huge.” A wife whose marriage, which was a place of refuge, has now turned into hell, and a husband who does not understand her struggles. Attention is focusing on whether the two people in crisis will be able to escape from this hell.

'Marriage Hell' will be broadcast today (21st) at 10:45 pm.

Reporter Tae Yuna, Ten Asia youyou@tenasia.co.kr translated by google