Broadcaster Jang Seong-gyu "I have a secret from the past that I can't tell my wife"
Broadcaster Jang Seong-gyu "I have a secret from the past that I can't tell my wife"
tvN's '290 Million' returns with an even stronger 'Lie Detector of Love'. In the face-to-face confrontation between the 'reversal couple' Choi Kwang-won and Shin Hye-sun and the 'tiger couple' Seong Chi-hyeon and Kim Hae-ri, a barrage of high-level comments attack, making Jang Seong-gyu and Choi Soo-young warm.

tvN's '290 Million' (director Lee Won-woong/writer Kang Sook-kyung) airs today (20th) in the 8th episode, the 'reversal couple' Choi Gwang-won and Shin Hye-sun and 'tiger couple' Seong Chi-hyeon and Kim Hae-ri, who were previously defeated in 'waves of love' In order to seize the last chance for the couple to go to the finals, they face off with a more intense and brutal death match 'Lie Detector of Love'. In particular, the re-appearance of 'Lie Detector of Love' was a method in which two couples attacked each other with questions written by themselves, and more unconventional questions appeared one after another.

Choi Kwang-won and Shin Hye-seon fall into a dilemma at the unprecedentedly high-level question attack prepared by Seong Chi-hyeon and Kim Hae-ri. “Is the reason why you decided to marry Shin Hye-sun’s economic power rather than her appearance?”, “If you were against your parents, would you take the side of your lover?”, “Is there a past that you can never tell your lover?” etc., and taste the proper hell.

The '15-year-old couple' Lee Sang-min and Oh Soo-hyun, and the 'ballet couple' Kim Tae-seok and Baek Ji-yoon's faces became contemplative. Baek Ji-yoon said, “The questions are really strong. If lies come out, it will be catastrophic.”

Meanwhile, Choi Soo-young, who was watching the VCR in the studio, said, “Hye-sun bit her teeth. While expressing concern, saying, "Is there a past that you can never tell Seong Chi-hyeon?" Jang Seong-gyu strongly sympathized with the question and made an untimely confession of conscience, saying, "I have a past that I cannot tell my wife." surprise

What kind of drama will the 'Lie Detector of Love', which boasts national investigative agency level accuracy, write, who is the only couple who will have the last chance to make it to the finals among 'Reversal Couple' Choi Kwang-won-Shin Hye-sun and 'Tiger Couple' Seong Chi-hyeon-Kim Hae-ri? interest is amplified.

tvN's '290 Million' will be broadcast today (20th) at 7:40 pm.

Reporter Kim Se-ah, Ten Asia translated by google