Lee Ji-hoon said, "It's best to travel to a good place with someone you love"
Lee Ji-hoon said, "It's best to travel to a good place with someone you love"
Channel S 'Map to Go Back' Lee Ji-hoon, the new groom, beat the heat with a sweet online trip. All of the unique summer limited edition courses were introduced, blowing away the heat of the home theater.

The 72nd episode of Channel S' 'Map to Go Back', which aired on the 17th, included 'Best 3 Hot Spots Hunting Destinations' accompanied by travel partners Kim Shin-young and Lee Seok-hoon, as well as broadcaster Jay-Witter and actor/singer Lee Ji-hoon. On this day, unique summer limited edition travel courses were introduced under the themes of 'Snow Mountain New Zealand through the Clouds', 'Summer Limited Edition Destination Iceland', and 'Ice Kingdom Argentina on the other side of the Earth'.

Third place was 'Iceland', a land created by volcanoes and glaciers. On this day, he drew attention by taking a LAN cable trip to the 'Iceland Highland', which is only open in summer. The highlands of Iceland are an inland area covered with glaciers and ice all year round, and it was a travel destination that was only open during the summer season from June to September when the snow and ice melted. The view of the volcanic coastline and the Atlantic Ocean around Reykjavik, where you can relax from the heat in a natural hot spring and drink a cool drink in the infinity pool, provided healing. In addition, in Iceland, which is famous for fishing and livestock farming, they took care of health food with mutton eating. In addition, the Kerid crater lake tour, the Lukbrow experience, as well as the most surreal mountain terrain on earth and Kerlingarfjol, which can only be seen in summer, summer limited edition destinations aroused admiration from viewers.

New Zealand, a country where winter comes from June to August, came in second. First of all, Mount Cook, which is about 3742 km above sea level, is New Zealand's highest peak and nicknamed the Southern Hemisphere's Alps. The ice-cold turquoise valley water thrilled viewers across the LAN. The highlight was the shotover river jet boat experience. The scene of the agent traveler riding a jet boat at a maximum speed of 90 km/h through the canyon of the Shotover River, which is blessed with heavenly blessings, made the adrenaline soar in the home theater. Shinyoung Kim, a self-proclaimed activity maniac, said, "I'm going unconditionally," and made everyone laugh with her eyes twinkling.

The long-awaited No. 1 spot in the 'Best Heat Hunting Destinations' was El Calafate in Argentina. The Nativo Tour caught the eye with its unique experience of looking around Argentina's great nature and the traces of the indigenous people of the past. In addition, Lake Argentino is the deepest and widest lake in Argentina created by glaciers, making the view open. Above all, the Perito Moreno Glacier captivated viewers with its grandeur that burst into cheers. As a UNESCO World Natural Heritage site and the world's largest floating glacier, the Perito Moreno Glacier has left your mouth wide open with its overwhelming scale and wonderful scenery. In addition, various ways such as walking trails, boat tours, and trekking to enjoy the Perito Moreno Glacier were introduced, completing a more fruitful online trip.

New groom Lee Ji-hoon, who has been married for 2 years, said, “It is best to go to a good place with the person you love,” and brought a smile to the heart with a sweet romanticist side that blows away the sweltering heat. Lee Seok-hoon expressed 200% satisfaction with the online trip, saying, “It was a time to cool down to the heart.”

Reporter Kim Ji-won, Ten Asia bella@tenasia.co.kr
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