'Brothers of Miracles' Bae Hyeon-seong, sweet and salty push-and-pull man
'Brothers of Miracles' Bae Hyeon-seong, sweet and salty push-and-pull man
'Miracle Brothers' Bae Hyeon-seong flexibly portrayed the changing emotional lines, causing viewers to become overly immersed.

In the last 8 episodes, Kang San (Bae Hyun-seong), who learned about his time slip, was drawn. Kang-san starts looking back at the place where the accident happened and realizes that Dong-ju (Jung-woo) knew the truth but hid it. Unable to control the mixed emotions of confusion and anger between the past and the present, Kang San's expression hardened coldly when he saw Dong-ju approaching him.

Afterwards, Kang San went to Woo Woo Jung (played by Kang Mal Geum) again, revealing that he had come 27 years later without his knowledge, and asked about his older brother Ha Neul. He brought tears to his eyes as he told Woo-jung, who was confused, that he was sorry that he couldn't keep the promise to take a picture together, which only the two of them knew. The warm eyes sent to the first love, who met again after 27 years, decorated the sad ending and made the hearts of the viewers tingle.

On this day, Bae Hyun-seong added to the fun of the play by freely drawing extreme emotional lines, from the appearance of pouring out anger to the affection for his first love. Not only did the tension rise to the peak with the appearance of being in extreme confusion, but it also raised the level of immersion by capturing complex and subtle emotions that cannot be explained in words with just a word of dialogue and eyes. While realizing the time slip, which is the center of the case, expectations are rising for Bae Hyun-seong's future activities, which will lead more exciting developments.

Meanwhile, JTBC's Miracle Brothers starring Jung Woo and Bae Hyun-seong is broadcast every Wednesday and Thursday at 10:30 pm.

Reporter Ryu Ye-ji and Ten Asia ryuperstar@tenasia.co.kr translated by google