BTS RM donated by the late Chairman Lee Kun-hee... The first public release of the back side of the statue
BTS RM donated by the late Chairman Lee Kun-hee... The first public release of the back side of the statue
In SBS 'No entry except for related parties', the preservation science room in the storage room of the National Museum of Korea, a treasure trove of Korea, was released.

The 8th episode of SBS' 'No entry except for related persons', which aired on the 20th, was decorated with the National Museum of Korea, where the national treasures and treasures of Korea are gathered together.

On this day, Kim Jong-guk, Yang Se-hyeong, Lee Yi-kyung, and Mimi were overwhelmed by the grand scale as soon as they entered the National Museum of Korea. The National Museum of Korea, which currently houses 430,000 relics and only 10,000 of them are on display, has a storage room, a real treasure trove located in a secret underground space under an exhibition room familiar to the public, and a conservation science room, a hospital for restoring and preserving numerous relics. It was revealed that there was, and it stimulated curiosity to the fullest.

The MCs headed to the secret underworld of the museum met Lee Seung-eun, a curator at the Department of Conservation Science. He introduced the fumigation room, saying that disinfection is the first procedure when cultural assets enter the museum. At this time, in front of the members who were surprised by the warning about carcinogenic substances, Kim Jong-guk shouted, "All broadcasting is risking one's life," and made a small laugh.

The MCs then intuited the CT scan of a Buddha statue whose lower part of the wrist was missing. Among them, mysterious information was added that the belly of the Buddha statue contains many contents called sacred objects, such as sutras and grains. Then, it was revealed that the hyperspectral analyzer, which can check information in the infrared region that cannot be seen by the human eye, can check everything from hidden letters to modified pictures in the canvas, which aroused surprise.

Yang Se-hyeong expressed curiosity, "Isn't it possible to see an instant lottery ticket?" An official said, "We were curious too, so we checked, but the lottery ticket was specially processed, so we couldn't see it." Furthermore, the MCs uncovered mysterious relics and interesting conservation science in various departments of the Conservation Management Department, such as the calligraphy and painting room for preserving paintings and calligraphy, and the metal room for restoring the Baekje gilt-bronze incense burner, National Treasure No. .

In addition, the MCs met with Kim Se-won, curator of the Artifacts Management Department, who manages the donated items, and learned about the secret story of the donation of cultural assets by the late Chairman Lee Kun-hee, who drew attention with an unprecedentedly large donation in the world. The story that about 23,000 items, about half of the total number of 50,000 items donated by the National Museum of Korea, were donated by Chairman Lee Kun-hee, and the total amount reached 3 trillion won, aroused interest.

Moreover, Kim Se-won, a researcher in curatorial arts, recalled the time of taking over the donated items and said, “I was constantly worried because the amount was difficult to plan. I just opened it and received what came in,” he said.

In addition, he added, "For a month, delivery trucks came in non-stop. All employees of the Relics Management Department were dispatched, and normal work was all stopped. However, it seems that they did not know how difficult it was." There were also 46 treasures in the fortune telling," testifying to every aspect of the enormous collection of the late Lee Kun-hee.

Lastly, the MCs faced two half-assured Buddha statues in the Room of Thought, which is called the signature of the National Museum of Korea. In fact, the Bangasayu statue is a specialty of the National Museum of Korea, where RM of the BTS has a miniature in his studio and has gained worldwide recognition. Lee Hyeon-suk, a design expert in charge of designing the exhibition space, told the MCs that day, "It's a look that not only the general audience but also the staff in the hall can hardly see." did.

In response, Mimi expressed a deep lingering feeling, saying, "It feels like there are only me and the statue of Bangasayusang left in the universe," and Lee Yi-gyeong exclaimed, "The smile seemed to deepen." aroused

Not only the appearance of the mysterious relics, but also the sense of mission and enthusiasm of the people involved in protecting cultural assets throughout the National Museum of Korea shone as much as treasure. Yoo Hye-seon, head of Conservation Science Department, said, "A total of four people, including me, who started as a part-time job, started conservation science with one X-ray equipment. Currently, there are 430,000 artifacts, but there are only 25 curators in the Department of Conservation Science." The passion of curators who do their best to protect cultural assets was shown.

In addition, he also mentioned the preservation of overseas cultural assets, which is a field in which BTS RM has been steadily donating. It is a necessary situation," he said, calling for public attention. In addition, Kim Se-won, a researcher in curatorial arts, said, "Since we deal with cultural assets, we work with gritted teeth every day because mistakes are not tolerated. I try," he said.

Reporter Kang Min-kyung, Ten Asia translated by google